Booking Report: QR J, Conrad Maldives for June 2022

2021.10.22 15:45 ThrowawayFinanse Booking Report: QR J, Conrad Maldives for June 2022

Hey look, another booking report! Jun 3 – Jun 15 RT QR J and Conrad Maldives.
So, here’s my experience with booking our 9 night trip to the Maldives for June 2022.
I started looking at availability once we almost had enough points. We knew we wanted to fly QR J, so we had focused on AA credit cards to accumulate enough points.
I was searching in September for June/July availability as my wife is a teacher and this is the only time she has enough days off to make the trip worth it. We have to relocate to an airport because our home is OMA, so we were fine flying out of anywhere.
So you don’t have to read my long-winded story…
Points + Cash Totals:
280k AA points + $175 – SFO-MLE, MLE-DFW
665k HH points + 1FNC (have two more on the way, I may swap out) - 9 nights Sunrise OWV
Repo flights: ~$349pp
Quoted seaplane transfer: $600pp
6k AA transfer and 3k AA points purchase: $186

Airfare Booking
I booked my hotel stay first and then tried to schedule airfare. We got AA points/cards specifically to fly J to MLE or DPS. I wasn’t finding availability on EY through Aeroplan, so I decided to go with AA. I was getting antsy about QR availability early September, and I didn’t have enough points yet, but I knew they were coming in the next few days.
I found ORD-LGA-JFK-DOH-MLE on QR for end of June and MLE-CMB-HGK-ORD on CX J for July 4.
I put the fare on hold with the plan to transfer my wife’s 60k AA and buy the remaining 5k points we needed.
Three days later I have the points and go to book the fare but I am seeing errors on the hold. I call up AA twice and the second time I am told that CX only holds fares for 24hrs. The CX flights either didn’t go back to inventory or were taken by others, as no availability showed up. The CSR was friendly and she stayed on the line to help me find alternate routes and dates.
I went back to early June and found an inbound flight on QR to DFW, but we couldn’t find anything from the east coast or ORD. The CSR went through every destination with me that QR flies from and did her own search. I found SFO availability, but it was really nice that the agent went through every destination to try to find me a combo.
Our route now is QR J: SFO-MLE, MLE-DFW.
I confirmed it is Q-Suite the whole way (could change) and I booked window seats on the way out and the middle ones on the way in. It will be our first time in J, and I like the windows, but I’ll take your input on whether we should be in the middle on the way out.
Hotel Booking
I knew we wanted to stay at the Conrad. We could get the most nights here and finding availability for the Conrad was really easy at the time. Every night had a standard room available for June and mostly July. Sunrise WV was also available for most nights, and being able to book directly into an OWV was the goal of using our HH points.
I booked a hold on speculative dates to keep the OWV space. Once I booked our airline tickets, I found new dates in end of June-early July and was able to get 8 nights OWV.
After the CX fare hold problem, I went back to the original nights I had held at the Conrad but now only 3 nights were available in OWV, so I booked the beach for the start of the trip and end in the sunrise.
Thankfully, the OWV standard availability came available a few days ago and I was able to get all nine nights OWV.
Prices I was quoted when I initially had BV and OWV:
Beach Villa to Deluxe Beach Villa with Pool USD 415.80 per night inclusive of taxes.
Beach Villa to Deluxe Superior Water Villa with Pool USD 415.80 per night inclusive of taxes.
Sunrise Water Villa to Sunset Villa with Pool USD 123.20 per night inclusive of taxes.
Sunrise Water Villa to Deluxe Water Villa with Pool USD 246.40 per night inclusive of taxes.
I am thinking about upgrading our last three nights to the sunset villa, or maybe changing a few of the days to a beach/deluxe beach villa. Anyone have input?
Final Thoughts
We may upgrade to Sunset OWV for the last three nights, but I’d like to know if it is worth it.
I have thought about doing 10 nights on points instead and saving my FNCs to get two 5th night free benefits, but there is no AA award space to add one more night. To get the 10th night, we could swap out for EY J at 100k Aeroplan pp MLE-ORD. I’m not sure if it is worth it to get another night at 95k more points -1 FNC. Plus, we would not have a use (yet) for one way on AA points and I don’t want to risk the upcoming supposed devaluation.
I am waiting a bit to see if I can get saver awards to/from OMA to SFO/DFW. As far as I know, if I can find something, I can add it to my existing reservations. OMA-LAX has saver space, but nothing from LAX-DOH.
Of course, the food will be the unexpected expense, but we are happy that we can even take this trip, as we couldn’t afford it if not for the points.
Let me know if you have any answers to the questions I posed or if I could have done anything better!
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2021.10.22 15:45 accidentalphysicist Spectacular Failure

We've been covering Projectile Motion for the past couple weeks in my classes, so I gave them a 15 question quiz today before we move on to the next topic.
It was a open-note quiz online. Students were allowed to use any resources at their disposal other than each other. 9 of the 15 questions were purely conceptual, no math required.
Two classes have taken it so far, and they have averaged a 44 and a 23. Out of 100. Now, overall these are my worst two classes grade-wise, so I wasn't expecting them to do amazing, but holy hell those scores are dismal. They couldn't even be bothered to look up the answers.
If my other classes don't do better, I give up 🤦🏼‍♀️
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2021.10.22 15:45 throwawayprsonal69 Got tats on my ribs, TATTOOS on my ribs !!

I just tatted my kid (Onyx)
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Wfl? Og price 125k
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2021.10.22 15:45 aa821 Similar to Apotheosis Veil, every exotic should have a minimum stat roll based in it's functionality

If you are wondering, yes this is directly in response to the terrible rolls Xur has been selling lately.
A while ago Bungie announced that Apotheosis Veil helmet for Warlocks will not roll with under 16 (? Correct me that number is wrong) overall in intellect stat. This is because the entire functionality of the exotic is based around using the super. Makes sense right?
So why doesn't that apply to all exotic armor????
Mask of Bakris and Sixth Coyote should roll with a minimum to mobility
Citans Ramparts should roll with a minimum in resilience
Stag and Lunafaction Boots should roll with a minimum in recovery
Etc. Etc. you get the idea. The only place I see this hurting some builds is for the many melee focused exotics because sometimes you don't need a powered melee to make them work, or even if you do there are easier ways to get your melee back (gambler's dodge, melee ability built into the exotic, Monte Carlo, etc) so you don't want high strength stat on them. So they can be an exception.
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2021.10.22 15:45 ajax7794 Trade - Full PPR

I have Pitts and wanted to improve my WR depth.
View Poll
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2021.10.22 15:45 Spirited_Exit7672 Does anyone else hate the remixes on the greatest hits 1990? Gone especially

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Be online pls so i can find you
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2021.10.22 15:45 Informal_Ad9102 Would anyone like to cooperate and create a mule ?

We can dupe items.
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2021.10.22 15:45 fantaceereddit Wooden bed support rails?

Hi Y'all! We need to replace rusted out bed support rails in order to install a fifth wheel hitch in our 2011 F350 SD Diesel, short box. Our local repair facility is suggesting to use wooden beams instead of metal. The idea is that the wood be stronger and will last longer. My main question is, will the wooden supports be strong enough to support the weight of the fifth wheel hitch with a loaded trailer? Also open to other thoughts or suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.22 15:45 Anna8600 r/dogecoin r/dogecoin r/dogecoin

An energetic day, I am glad to be here again to say hello to everyone!
Today’s topic is: What kind of cryptocurrency will be popular in 2022?
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2021.10.22 15:45 Crafty-Cumbrian Carmina mto review ..dreaming the impossible dream..

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2021.10.22 15:45 Jantte Started using the app yesterday, faced an problem today.

So i do the same after gym lunch every day, today tho i used canned chicken instead of the frozen i usually do.
I had saved the recipe with the frozen breast, and i had to edit the recipe itself i couldnt edit it in the food log (would be nice to be able to do quick edit for small alterations in the recipe like that). Now that ive done that, im trying to edit it back to the frozen breast and i cannot find it. I had it in there yesterday and it wont come up with "chiken breasts sunrise farms" (the costco frozen ones). I have thrown the packaking away too so i cant re-scan the bar code.

What do i do?
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2021.10.22 15:45 jersday Passing Props in a Redirect - but not with a class.

here is the example

 and this is how you can access it: 
I see with the word 'this' that this is probably old and used with class based components, is this still possible in the later versions of react and using function components.
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2021.10.22 15:45 Almost90s I'm tired

Wake up. 8 hours. Make money. Survive. I'm tired You are lazy. You are young. Wages to ear. It's about experience. I'm tired Be what you want. Grow up do what you love. I'm tired Watch. Repeat. Disagree. Bend the Knee. I'm tired Join. Work together. Tomorrow. Better. We are hope
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2021.10.22 15:45 smala017 Subway employees and ex-Subway employees of Reddit, what is the most horrifying sandwich a customer has had you create?

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