Dark tears ✨

2021.10.22 17:23 RWolfiie Dark tears ✨

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2021.10.22 17:23 hectorvs New to Canon, issues transferring to image.canon

I'm renting out an R6 for the weekend and and putting it through it's paces.
A feature I was looking forward to using is the image.canon service to automatically upload my pictures.
I've set everything correctly but the images are never transferred. Gets stuck in the "Images Remaining" screen and after a while I get Err127. I've made sure I'm on the latest firmware.
Is this a fairly broken feature altogether?
What's the most convenient (and reliable) way of transferring RAWs from camera to devices?
PS: I've searched this subreddit, but either Reddit's search is bad or not many people are having this issue
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2021.10.22 17:23 AnonymousCSRantAcc This has me at a complete loss. I think I am missing the geometry.

This has me at a complete loss. I think I am missing the geometry. Can someone point me in the right direction? I know Lagrange I just need help setting it up.
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2021.10.22 17:23 ZoolShop CD Projekt Red The Molasses Flood acquisition means another The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077 game

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2021.10.22 17:23 Personal_Rub_9437 Private story on snap but who finna pay for it 😅🙅🏾 who got anything on ha, Taniyah

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2021.10.22 17:23 Eare1986 Battery Life

I have this watch now since 2 days and im thinking of returning it to the store. Main reason is the battery life time and that i cant link the watch directly to Google Fit. For Battery Life, i have disabled GPS and most of the sensors AOD and all battery consuming things, but battery is going down from 100% to 15% after less than 12hours. This is an absolute disaster. I can life with the shortcoming that i cant directly use Google Fit as main Fitness platform, but battery life is absolute garbage.
Is this the normal behavior? According to the description, i battery life should be around 52hours with enabled GPS. If i turn on GPS, i got nor more than 8hours.
I have buyed the watch to use the sensors to track my Fitness the whole day. It is useless, without to use the sensors.
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2021.10.22 17:23 patterson_412 creative cloud app syncing is not getting off

hey guys so I patched everything and everything works on my m1 MacBook Pro, the thing is I know I paused every possible update but then after a couple of days I see the syncing is onn and I can't off it , I tried clicking it multiple times but still I can't, but all the other auto-updates and all are off , only the syncing is onn, can anyone tell me how do I get it to pause syncing. all the installed adobe softwares are working without the warnings. but in the creative cloud app it shows I have 1 day remaining, but as I told I have no warnings on the installed and patched apps itself. will it be an issue?
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2021.10.22 17:23 youre-kinda-terrible Advice for flying with a puppy?

Looking for advice for flying with a puppy. He’s 5 months old and will be 6 months old at the time of the flight. He will fit in-flight carry-on since he’s a Pomeranian.
My alternative is to board him for the week I will be gone but I don’t want to get there and miss him so much that I won’t have any fun.
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2021.10.22 17:23 RevelTiny Forgemaster Ada

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2021.10.22 17:23 geethreefive I’m trying to find the value of my car through Kelly Blue Book and when I entered my VIN *and* my plate, both “couldn’t be found”. My car is registered and insured, why would I receive this error?

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2021.10.22 17:23 EkskiuTwentyTwo Twenty-second Inktober Penguin

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2021.10.22 17:23 Inner_Ad_4899 💵 UP BITCOIN SV 💵 Stealth Launch 💵 Listed On PancakeSwap 💵 Liquidity locked 💵

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2021.10.22 17:23 lwxnfc What do you think of the whole Brian Laundrie situation?

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2021.10.22 17:23 asagurachan I (30M) feeling worn out from dating, how to cope with the downs.

Been back in the dating scene for the past couple of months since early summer and I'm to the point that I'm just feeling so tired of even dating. Between texting to get a date setup, spending the time and energy on the dates and then the emotional high and then down..
Feeling this especially now when the lady I've been seeing suddenly says she can't see us together after what she says as great dates and planning the next immediately. She was the best I've dated this summer imo.
More often than not, the ladies I meet, we don't vibe, and that's perfectly fine. Other times, we vibe and really well. However whenever I feel like we're close and could be together, I get let down out of the blue and feel like I just wasted all that energy and time. My dating skills might just really suck, I don't know.
I have a full time job which I love, my hobbies which I like to spend time on and a pretty large group of friends I hang out with frequently. Between spending the time between everything and dating, I'm really feeling like dating is a waste of my time and rather focus on things I love. It has been 2 years since my last long-term relationship as I just couldn't see myself dating for some time.
Just a little rant and cry for help.
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2021.10.22 17:23 Puzzled_Corgi27 Hand soap sales?

Hello all! I can only use the gel soaps (the foam ones irritate my skin for some reason). I want to stock up but I'm wondering if I should buy during this sale at $4 each or if there will be better sales next month during black friday, etc? Anyone have any sense of if I should hold out?
I'm a relatively new BBW addict, but the pleasant and calming scents are providing some much needed self care in grad school. I really appreciate everyone on this forum who is willing to share info on sales and discounts, because as a student my budget is not huge at the moment.
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2021.10.22 17:23 EventueII [Academic] Effect of a potential digital product passport (Everyone who has at least finished elementary school or similar)

Hi everyone, I am currently working on my bachelor's thesis in the field of behavioral economics. Therefore, I am conducting a short survey. It would help me a lot, if you took the time to complete the following survey: https://tummgmt.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV\_41225n6PBcV651A
It only takes approximately 6-7 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for participating!
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2021.10.22 17:23 afarabicattire Farasha abaya with gold establishments

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2021.10.22 17:23 Snoo-33707 SuomiOf

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2021.10.22 17:23 rodnasscavok When do you think rock music died?

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2021.10.22 17:23 DelVVV How to open up to a therapist?

I have a lot of built up trauma that I'd want to open up to a therapist but... I wouldn't even know where to start? The idea of walking and basically open up about my entire life's worth of emotions to a stranger just seems so off-putting and awkward to me.
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2021.10.22 17:23 NON_STOP_PANIC How to stop panicking during gunfights?!?

Ok so I consider myself a man of strong constitution: I can easily cheese most FPS on hardest difficulties and are not scared about any horror elements... but turns out I am not as good as I thought?
I am about 10 hours into the game, I reckon almost at the end of the Northern Star chapter (please do not spoil anything!). I have no difficulty with game mechanics and I have been slowly and thoroughly enjoying the game and I feel excitement I haven't felt for like 8+ years from a video game! Great!
But for the love of all that is holy I still can't get my shit together during gunfights with combine. It just feels like a pure adrenaline rush and everything happens so fast and I only realize my heart is pumping at something like 180 BPM when the combat music stops and I need like 20 seconds to take in at what just happened. I am playing on medium difficulty, and only died 3 times (1 time from that double electric dog fight, and 2 combine) so far throughout the whole game but every battle feels like I am barely scraping by! Which is kinda good because I don't think any video game made me feel like this before, but I am also severely disappointed in myself that I am the ultimate panic machine!
From what I understood my main culprits are:

There is probably more but these are the top issues I could think of. Don't take it the wrong way - there is absolutely nothing wrong (well, collecting resin is getting just a bit tedious) with the game - it is just me who has a lower IQ than I thought...
I really don't like dying, as it makes me sad that I am so stupid. I guess the fact that this is my very first VR game and Valve Index is my very first VR headset doesn't help much too.
So, can anyone give me tips, tricks or secrets on how to panic less, or is it simply a matter "getting gud" with practice and experience?
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2021.10.22 17:23 zanety Teen & Young Adult Fiction -Win 10 Paperbacks A $50 Amazon Gift Card (10/24/2021) {??}

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2021.10.22 17:23 Lick_Loth The current hive mind of stoners, and my boi.

I always see people bring up how they stop smoking weed, and they are starting to dream again, or how smoking has made people stop experiencing dreams...
I've never had a decrease in dreams, nor a drop in my quality of sleep, when I smoke before bed, which is every fuckin day. Not bragging, this shits literally a medicine for me and getting fried out of my mind keeps my employed and keeps my friends and wife around, as I'm quite an angry, bitter hateful prick when I'm not under the influence of Mary Jane. I started smoking bud at 12, I've been a daily smoker since I was 15, the only tolerance break I ever had was for probation when I was 13-14, and I dream as frequently as I can remember way back then, and as much as my sober friends say they do.
Literally, less than a week ago, I had a dream where all my fucking teeth fell out. I can remember my dreams to a T for a week or so after I have them, sometimes they occur frequent enough to where I jumble up which dream had which part in it, "was it last night I was petting my old cat from when I grew up, or was that when I fist fought that bitch that tried to take my last cinnamon stick?", type vibes.
I've also had a friend recently quit smoking buds, and the reason he kept repeating, was that cannabis, "is a weed, and it grows into your mind, like the weed it is, and turns you into a weed and locks you in place, and takes over,", but if that's the case, why are there tons of successful people who smoke even more than most of this sub put together?? I never got any sort of reasoning for this, other than he thought it, so it had to be true. Nothing could improve his brain function, nor his decision making besides not smoking.
The idea that cannabis is causing him, and many others, to make shit choices and he feels angry/upset he makes the choices he makes, and instead of blaming himself for making the shitty choices, we call cannabis a scapegoat, blame it, and demonize it. That probably sounds really dramatic for what I'm trying to say, but that's the best way I can put it, and it truly stumps me. Perhaps, the people who claim they don't dream, merely can't remember their dreams, because they don't exercise their minds, and like to smoke pot, sit on the couch, watch some trailer park boys and drool into the bowl of popcorn. Maybe they aren't getting the quality of sleep they need to dream, because there's an underlying condition, like insomnia, or they can't just go the fuck to sleep, they gotta have the t.v. on, or music playing to fall asleep, or scroll a little on reddit or other socials before actually closing the eyes and trying to sleep. Instead of just saying, I don't dream, it's gotta be the weeds fault, if dreaming is this big of a deal to you, why not try and take some steps into seeing if you can fix it first before putting all the blame on cannabis? You may have been smoking for years, and you're gonna let some high thoughts make you put it down, even if it's a massive benefit to your overall well being...?
It's different for everyone, I know. There are different types of people, I know. Not everybody should be toking buds, I know everyone handles things differently, but we are all stock humans before we start "thinking for our own". If we were all brought up in the same way, in the same circumstances, I don't believe we'd all be so "unique". It's the setting, and the people around you that forms your way of thinking. For good or bad, to fit in or stand out, I believe that's what it comes down to. Some people were taught they're always right and they can do anything, while others were taught to exhaust every possible avenue before coming to conclusions and most things require a great deal of effort to come to conclusion. Some like to take everything they've ever learned and chuck it into the garbage disposal and think they can create a new way, and some can...
Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions about people who claim cannabis doesn't allow them to dream, or people who blame cannabis for their bad habits in general ... I don't think I'll ever know , but I'd love to hear from those people, so maybe I can understand/be swayed to think differently. Maybe, if it was phrased as, "I can't handle myself around pot, and I abuse it until I feel like I have a lower IQ," I could understand it better. But if that's not the fine print behind it, I'm completely in the dark here, and would love to understand.
Also, before anybody tries to come at me for judging my homie's choice so hard, I know my homie, you don't. I know what his life was like before I got him high his first time, I know what it was like while he smoked, and I know what it's like now that he's quit. He's got the same pain in his eyes from before. He's still making the same decisions, he's just much more apathetic about the outcomes now. It's like he thought too much about everything before bud, then he thought he couldn't think about anything while smoking, and now he just doesn't care about much now that he's done. We used to jam guitars, play games together, and actually talk. I miss my friend, yo.
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2021.10.22 17:23 No-Pressure-6515 Rated preparatory program

I've recently heard about the rated preparatory program and became pretty interested as it seemed like another avenue to increase odds at a commission and UPT slot. However, after reading an official statement, it looks like having prior flight hours may soft-disqualify applicants from the program (5 or so iirc) as they're only considered admission on a space-available basis after 5 hours. Is this program worth holding off civilian flight hours in order to stay competitive? If anyone has experience or more knowledge I'd appreciate it greatly.
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2021.10.22 17:23 heonda Is reconciliation worth it? Advice kindly needed

Is it worth reconciling? Advice so kindly needed
I don’t necessarily want to get into all of the details for my own sanity but long story short, about a month ago, I found out my husband (27m) was cheating on me (29f) in some capacity the entirety of our 7 year relationship (5 of those years married with 2 young kids). Last physical affair was 2.5 years ago before kids, but multiple PAs before the last one. Recently just messaging randos online to solicit and exchange explicit pictures and videos.
Obviously, this absolutely shattered me into a million pieces and I feel like I’ve been a shell of a woman since then.
He has been remorseful and immediately made steps to try and reconcile our marriage, i.e. started IC and MC together, had me tell him what my needs are for potential reconciliation and is carrying those out, is an open book to any questions I have, gave me all of his pws and access to his phone whenever. So all good things for reconciliation, but I am constantly holding an internal debate if it’s worth it or not.
I love the person that I thought he was. Truly was my dream man and partner on paper. And he insists he can be that for me and that he desperately wants to be that for me, but I don’t know. I really don’t know.
Part of me wants to stay for a number of reasons and, I do believe that with time, I can overcome the infidelity. Part of me wants to say deuces because how could I stay with someone that betrayed me so deeply?
Sigh. Anybody want to give any perspective here?
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