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3 Brand New NFTs: Synthetic Souls - 001, 002, 003

2021.11.28 21:12 Xen_Noir 3 Brand New NFTs: Synthetic Souls - 001, 002, 003

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2021.11.28 21:12 tileman108 new 2.0 optic ready 4 inch

has any one seen the new version of the the optic ready 2.0 compact in retail stores. wondering how much more they will cost . current model is going for $600,00 here in the Carolina's
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2021.11.28 21:12 serial4u Cati Kati Ask Episode 6 (English Subtitles) - serial4u

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2021.11.28 21:12 KFP_Grill veibae

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2021.11.28 21:12 ShimonAzar 11/28/21 Windscribe PRO VPN 3 years for $69 promo code TURKEY69

11/28/21 Windscribe PRO VPN 3 years for $69 promo code TURKEY69 please use referral https://windscribe.com/yo/x35hl2ie
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2021.11.28 21:12 Sonichu 🇨🇦 Netcoin Crypto - After signing up and spending $100 on Crypto you get $30 for free!

Please use referral code 🙏
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2021.11.28 21:12 RohitBajwa12345 GodMorningSunday Some people even say that - "We will see whatever will happen." It is a request to them that - "What will you see after becoming a donkey? Then the porter will see." These kinds of teachings are always given in satsang (spiritual discourses) by SaintRampalJiM

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2021.11.28 21:12 Less-Function Why are you on the "new" tab of this subreddit?

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2021.11.28 21:12 waweed420 What kind of rolling papers do you guys use?

I use any kind of RAW papers mostly the raw black classic papers
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2021.11.28 21:12 KingMeisterin NODDERS

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2021.11.28 21:12 Throwaway2019DCDG What happened to the ski and snowboard club? Why did they shut down?

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2021.11.28 21:12 Terrarium_t1dd1es Small Fry shedding for the first time with me :)

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2021.11.28 21:12 Business_Cheesecake7 Does anyone have any idea why the heck Intel (INTC) is doing so bad?

I remember when the Intel stock was at 56 dollars and then it plummeted all the way down to 48 dollars. Does anyone have an idea why the stock of Intel is doing so bad?
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2021.11.28 21:12 DragonFlare2 Version Exclusive & Shiny Trades!

Ekans for Sandshrew
Growlithe for Vulpix
Seel or Dewgong for Slowpoke with King’s rock or Slowbro
Scyther for Pinsir
Kecleon for Teddiursa
Gligar for Stantler
Nuzleaf for Lotad line
Zangoose for Seviper
Tyranitar for Salamence or bagon line
Cranidos for Shieldon
Stunky for Glameow
Any Diamond exclusives for Teddiursa & Misdreavus
Shinies FT: Shiny Ditto, for regular shiny mon best offer,
Shiny Dialga with Adamant Orb for Shiny Giratina with griseous orb or other Shiny Legendary
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2021.11.28 21:12 chnaboy What ship does CIG give you when you buy the Odyssey?

I want to still have great gameplay potential if I do the move.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.28 21:12 louai_sy QLC with dram vs TLC dram-less SSD

hi guys, as the title says, which one would do better over time? or are there other choices for 70-80€?
for my first build, I bought a 1Tb Samsung 980 for 70€ which I think is a good deal, but I keep seeing people saying to avoid dram-less SSD's so am I gonna regret this?
main use right now is gaming because I'm moving from PS5 but I'll be using it instead of a laptop for daily browsing etc. I download, watch and then delete torrents frequently in case it matters.
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2021.11.28 21:12 Puzzleheaded-Mud5056 Should I be worried about early dementia/alzheimers?

Hey all, I've read numerous times (mostly on "whats a scary fact. . ." ask reddit threads) that dementia/alzheimers actually manifests wayyy before serious symptoms, and consequently by the time someone is actually diagnosed, they've already had it for many years and it's to late to treat.
I will occasionally totally forget a very common word. I'll have the idea of the word in my mind, and I know a word for it exists, but I will have zero clue what that word is. Often I'm able to remember what the word is after I think about it for a bit, but also sometimes not.
Even writing this, I forgot the word "diagnosed", and sat in my chair for a solid minute trying to think of it. A couple minutes ago I had the same problem with "develop". iirc it also happened once yesterday. I also just forgot the word "tendency" while writing the last paragraph of this post. . .It normally only happens maybe once a week--or more or less often, depending on how much writing/speaking I'm doing.
Another thing I will often forget is names. Not just names of people who I just met, but people who I see almost every day at school, and have known for a long time. The worst case of this was when school started again this year and I could not for my life recall the name of someone who I hung out with and talked with almost every day last year (though I didn't see them at all for ~3 months during the summer); It was not until I heard someone else say their name that I remembered it, and I haven't forgotten it again since. I'll also often totally blank on names of teachers who I had in previous years, and even once or twice on names of my current teachers. And It's not like I don't pay attention or engage in their classes: sometimes it's one of my favorite teachers, or a teacher who's class took up the most of my time.
Although other than forgetting words and names, I don't have any other problems with forgetting significant stuff. Looking at dementia symptoms, the only one I have is difficulty finding words + forgetting names. I don't have any problem with visual and spatial abilities, problem solving, reasoning, handling complex tasks, motor skills, etc. In general I'd say I actually have a really good memory, and am great at visualizing things and have good reasoning/problem solving skills, motor skills, and spatial abilities.
But, I do suck at memorizing things that don't have any meaning or interest or remembering long lists of stuff short term. I could memorize a math formula with no problem if I know what it means and how to use it (and do use it), but if you rant off a list of 20 short phrases and then ask me questions about them or ask me to recall them I will probably score in the 1st percentile.
For some context:
I'm 17 years old, male. I've been forgetting names like that pretty much my whole life. I don't know how long I've been forgetting common words, but I'd guess maybe the past half year or so.
English is my first and only language. I don't do any drugs or drink alcohol. I'm not on any medications. I have not had any serious head injuries; I have hit my head pretty hard a couple times, but never had a concussion/any side affects or needed to see a doctor about it.
I have not been diagnosed with any mental diseases/disabilities, but I likely have mild social anxiety, and I suspect I used to have mild adhd (used to have a terrible attention span and was super fidgety, not anymore though). Also, I do sometimes have a really hard time making myself do something that I need to do--for instance, I'll sometimes just straight up not do an assignment, not because I didn't want to do it or I don't care about it, but just for absolutely no reason--and I heavily procrastinate (due to the previous mentioned condition). I've recently gotten better with this though.
I have terrible social skills and suck at communicating with people. I also took mandarin for 4 years, which was consistently my lowest grade, while everyone else said it was an easy A for them. Considering these two facts I wonder if I just have terrible language skills, which might include spontaneously forgetting words that should be ingrained in my brain. At the same time though, I'm really good at reading (albeit I read extremely slowly) and I learn extremely well by reading/lectures.
I do a lot of physical and mentally stimulating activities: I run a lot and occasionally go to the gym. I also am really into math and physics and spend most of my free time studying one or the other.
Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I see a doctor about it? Or is it possibly some other mental disease? I appreciate any help.
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2021.11.28 21:12 Gumboot_Soup The Timeland Demos

They've completely been removed from the internet, are they still floating around anywhere?
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2021.11.28 21:12 nigbob1098 Trying to join friends game

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2021.11.28 21:12 lilzbody Bad Friend

Just found out my friend spread a rumor that my suicide attempt/ eating disorder was for attention hahah
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2021.11.28 21:12 BeefcakesChungus Fin Advice

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2021.11.28 21:12 Strong-Border-9405 Simple brand, is it actually clean?

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2021.11.28 21:12 EestiMentioned [/r/SatoshiBets] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 21:12 neo_apoll0 Add an ff system please 343

I got into a game and all my teammates left for some reason halo does not have a forfeit option so it was a 1v4, not wanting to waste my time I left the game and now I have a ban that has no time on it so idk when I can start playing again not sure why this is a thing and idk if 343 is on this subreddit but can you please add a forfeit system you don't know out of my 30 hours of play how many times that would have come in handy.
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2021.11.28 21:12 samyouare Could logicspren fabrials lead to computing on Roshar?

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