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UK Stream Team!

2021.11.28 21:23 GoliathWizard UK Stream Team!

Brand new UK (Scottish) streamer looking to get a regular group going,
Play pretty much everything, im hoping for some BG3 ,DnD or DBD just whatever, just get a good group together, makes some online friends and support each other on streams.
Anyone outside the UK also welcome just UK times going to be easier to organise.
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2021.11.28 21:23 babadooklol first thots?

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2021.11.28 21:23 TinyHelp1725 I cant be the only one doing this right?

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2021.11.28 21:23 wvyebo [PS4] psn: wvyebo lets play

Add me and lets play some aot 2 and lets play
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2021.11.28 21:23 0ahu DoH skybuilders relic requirements?

Finally leveled a DoH class to 80 and am wondering all of what is needed to get final Skybuilders DoH relic — I’m going for Armorer, if it matters.
I got a DoL Skybuilders relic (Miner) but I know the DoH path is going to be different.
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2021.11.28 21:23 thoughtsofthoughts Hazy nights

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2021.11.28 21:23 UnluckyForce7262 raid for regice 2994 7341 1004 and 4149 3548 0774

add us
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2021.11.28 21:23 lovesshoppingandfood Sweetnight Thanksgiving Giveaway (US)(12-1-21)

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2021.11.28 21:23 Broski777 An Important thing to keep track of.

Crypto is still not mainstream. Its becoming more popular and will continue to have its growing pains (regulation/controversies/fud) but remember there is still less than 3 TRILLION dollars in the entire space. About 55% of Americans are in the stock market while only 1 in 10 are into crypto. Imagine what your coin will be like when we truly take off. Its speculative, yes, but with India, China, and the EU putting their own type of regulations on it we are seeing the shape of how crypto will be in the future. Many countries are realizing that no matter what they do Crypto is here to stay. THIS IS THE TIME TO FIND COINS YOU BELIEVE IN! This space is also amazing for now for those who want to day trade as the regulations don't require 25k in your account! The meme coins with no usecase or rugpulls will get harder and harder to pull off as we go forward.
Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Bumps are normal but as far as mainstream we're not there yet.
TLDR: Crypto is STILL in its infancy. These mountains seem huge now but in the future you'll see they were just bumps. So carry on and prepare yourself for a brighter future. (#nfa)
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2021.11.28 21:23 OnceuponatimeonPluto He's gone...

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2021.11.28 21:23 Superb-Opinion3425 New 14in MacBook Pro Keyboard Issue

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue and/or if this is normal. In addition to having the keyboard backlight issue that appears to be common, where some keys have some light leakage from the bottom in an uneven way, I'm also having an issue where some keys click or sound different when lightly tapped (not pressed) on the top corners. In particular, it's mainly on the spotlight key and the Siri function key. But also have it on the semicolon key and the right option key.
Here is a video demonstrating it: https://vimeo.com/650927314
Most regular letter keys don't have this issue at all. Is this common? Should get it replaced since just purchased a few days ago?
Also, does everyone have that backlight issue too?
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2021.11.28 21:23 nowayhose555 Plaque Buildup

Hi all, I struggle with plaque on the bottom outside teeth, I use an electric but no matter what it never seems to remove it. I have no issues with the rest of my mouth. I have tried a lot of different angles and durations and power setting but it's just getting my gums sore.
I can check because if I use a toothpick or fingernail I can still scrape off the white gunk. I'm wondering if a scale and polish would help, I do also have tartar on the gumline too and deeper pockets.
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2021.11.28 21:23 Quiet_Sun_5268 (Poll) (Edit) (Redo) Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Do you see certain paired endings as romantic or platonic?

I know there's already a post involving this but I added polls and got ride of the paired endings I listed as Romantic and Platonic because I think it makes people get off topic from the original purpose of the post.
Anyway, In Fire Emblem Three Houses you see some endings written in a way that makes it obvious whether it's Romantic or Platonic. But to me there are other endings that are written in a way that ambiguous, like where you can't tell if it's romantic or platonic. I wrote down on which Character paired endings I think is ambiguous (labeled "???"), and why i think that. Which of the ambiguous paired endings do you see as platonic or romantic?
Hapi & Linhardt: their paired ending said "they embarked upon a life of leisure together", but what does that entitle?
Hapi & Linhardt Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/g5djf283o
Hapi & Balthus: his paired ending with Hapi said they are leaders of an elite band of mercenaries, but didn't say anything about them being a couple
Hapi & Balthus Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/cg84p9zge
(I didn't add Hapi & Dimitri in the list is because his paired ending with Hapi Didn't say anything about being married. Usually his romantic paired ending has the words "Marriage" and "Queen" in it. Which Hapi didn't have. So i see this as a Platonic Paired Ending)
Balthus & Hilda: His Paired Ending with her saud that they traveled together and "....To win Holst's blessing to take his sister out of Fódlan, Balthus had to beat him in a duel."
Balthus & Hilda Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/dcd8zq7y7
Leonie & Raphael: her paired ending with him said "...By the time the debt was finally paid, she had moved in with him. They lived happily for the rest of their days."
Leonie & Raphael Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/39wz6ss6v
Leonie & Ignatz: Leonie disbanded her mercenary company and traveled with Ignatz
Leonie & Ignatz Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/2j3ovk673
Hilda & Raphael: mentions "....She moved in with Raphael, and the two spent their lives happily dealing in fashionable accessories."
Hilda & Raphael Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/qzr8dvqyd
Marianne & Raphael: mentioned in their paired ending "...Seeing her gift in talking to the birds, he invited her to stay..."
Marianne & Raphael Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/23h53fyxh
Ignatz & Flayn: parts of their ending mentioned "Soon after the war, Flayn disappeared. Ignatz searched unsuccessfully for her for a time,..." And "...Flayn finally appeared, wondering aloud why Ignatz was not painting her as he’d promised. Overjoyed, Ignatz devoted much of the rest of his artistic career to getting Flayn’s likeness just right...."
Ignatz & Flayn Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/jr5wwc9h6
Ignatz & Shamir: parts of their ending mentioned "Soon after the war, Shamir disappeared. Ignatz searched unsuccessfully for her for a time,..." and "...When she saw that Ignatz had not yet left Fódlan, she encouraged him to leave the region, and offered to stay at his side and guard him until he did. It is rumored that he was overjoyed by this offer, and that the pair soon departed Fódlan to the west by sea..."
Ignatz & Shamir Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/bxa3rx87j
Raphael & Shamir: parts of their paired ending mentions that "Shortly after the war, Shamir gave up the mercenary life and disappeared. Raphael searched for her unsuccessfully for a time...." And "....It is unclear just where he went, but rumors swirled for years of a master archer and a hulking giant who spent their lives as highway robbers, shaking down those who made victims of others."
Raphael & Shamir Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/j7gkw2dzy
Raphael & Flayn: mentioned in their paired ending that "....Flayn, who had also neglected her training, came to visit. The two helped motivate one another, and together they embarked on a new exercise routine. Thereafter, it is said that their energetic shouts and cries of exertion could be heard throughout the village at any time of day." Maybe it's a platonic ending?
Raphael & Flayn Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/6hgwsuh47
Claude & Shamir: mentioned in their paired ending "...After he achieved his goals, he left the throne to a family member and left Almyra. During his travels, he encountered Shamir, who had been wandering the world as a mercenary. It is known that they traveled together from that day forward, but where they journeyed to remains a mystery." So he left being king in this ending.
Claude & Shamir Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/sgb2e88fo
Dorothea & Caspar: in their paired ending "...They are rumored to have spent the rest of their lives together." It didn't mention they are married or lovers
Dorothea & Caspar Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/r32zkk67g
Bernadetta & Jeritza: mentioned in their paired ending that "...a mysterious guest arrived in Varley territory, which Bernadetta had inherited from her father. On that day, the reclusive noble and her guest were seen walking the grounds pleasantly together. A rendition of that scene, said to be painted by Bernadetta herself, remains at the estate to this day."
Bernadetta & Jeritza Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/29a3vjjpd
Caspar & Shamir: They both established a mercenary company together and had amusing encounters thanks to Caspar
Caspar & Shamir Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/8gf4cu46s
Linhardt & Edelgard: it's mentioned in their paired ending that "...there was a period of time in which she simply disappeared. It is said that she went to the research facility of the foremost authority in Crests, Linhardt, who had relinquished his rank and title to live a life of study. There, after confirming the results of Linhardt's experiments, Edelgard was able to enjoy a rare break from her busy life. The respite was brief, but they cherished that time for the rest of their lives."
Linhardt & Edelgard Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/zjd1gc3rc
Hubert & Edelgard: it's mentioned in their paired ending that "....Though it is said they spent the rest of their lives together, it is unlikely they ever gave voice to the true depth of their affections." What do the affections entitle? Platonic or romantic?
Hubert & Edelgard Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/7b8e89qd1
Edelgard & Hanneman: it's mentioned in their paired ending that "...It is not hard to imagine that a pair with such similar ideologies and plans for the future would eventually settle into an affectionate and fulfilling relationship." What does affectionate and fulfilling relationship entitle? I don't mind age differences in relationships as long as both parties truly love and respect each other but i don't want to misunderstand.
Edelgard & Hanneman Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/278acdy8j
Shamir & Cyril: Both became thieves who target those those who preyed upon the innocent. Also it's said on their paired ending that "Shortly after the war, Shamir and Cyril disappeared from the ranks... " Cyril went with Shamir. Him. The one who's devoted to Rhea.
Shamir & Cyril Paired Ending, Romantic or Platonic?: https://strawpoll.com/6pbpyv952
If you want to vote on "Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Who Do You Like With Sylvain?" Go here: https://www.reddit.com/fireemblem/comments/r092o0/poll_fire_emblem_three_houses_who_do_you_like/
If you want to vote on "Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Which Route is Preferable?" Go here: https://www.reddit.com/fireemblem/comments/r1cdsg/poll_fire_emblem_three_houses_which_route_is/
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2021.11.28 21:23 DocMichaels A tad close!

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2021.11.28 21:23 unlikelydotorg i look so much prettier for no reason lmao

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2021.11.28 21:23 marketfarmer2 Attack modifier with curse

If you have an attack modifier with curse does it act the same as when a card has curse on it. Do you only get to apply it if the monster stays alive or does it occur at the same time as the attack.
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2021.11.28 21:23 eBankX-Official eBankX

🔥 eBankX token sale 🔥
State of the art digital asset exchange platform with many additional features...
40% of all token sale proceeds will fund renewable energy powered CRYPTO mining farms....
Total supply - 100 m EBX tokens...
Current token price - $0.5
Invest early at phase 4 each token will be $2...
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2021.11.28 21:23 lymeguy What do you think of it getting dark outside so early?

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2021.11.28 21:23 WolfBeastKing The thumbs on this display

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2021.11.28 21:23 turtleblues__ We're Going to Be Friends (Cover)

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2021.11.28 21:23 SynthGal Took a few days off after a work trip to recover from a friend killing themselves and boss forced me to "make up for it." (This post is heavy as hell, please only read if you're somewhat okay rn)

This might be rambly, misspelled at times, full of profanity and other bad communications because to be perfectly honest I'm shaking just typing this haha
A few years ago I was working a shitty sales job. The kind where I had to approach people who absolutely did not want what I was pitching but had to try and make them get it anyway. The one kind of job that I honestly do not blame the customers for being rude to me for. Especially given the underhanded pressuring bullshit the top sellers did and tried to train me to do. I had the worst numbers of the entire team and I know that because we had to report our daily numbers in a fucking group chat. Great for building character and self esteem, huh?
Anyway, had to drive myself and a coworker to a smaller city an hour and change away for a promo that was lasting a four or five days. We would stay at a local hotel (of decent quality, to be fair) on the boss' dime for the duration, then drive back. The night before I drove out I couldn't sleep so I took a sleeping pill to pass out. Before I fell asleep but after the pill had clearly made me groggy and not lucid I got a message from a friend in a different country that they didn't have a place to stay that night. I didn't have the money to send them, there wasn't anything I could do and I couldn't even just let them vent because I could barely keep my eyes open. (or I just tell myself that because I was scared of being late for work in the morning, who knows, depression has fucked my memory up so bad I don't even remember her voice lol)
I told her I'd check on her in the morning. That's the last coversation I had with her. Two days into the trip I got a message in the middle of work from a different friend local to the now dead friend that said friend was now dead. They killed themselves in an extremely violent, painful way. Like, awake the whole way to the hospital in excruciating pain violent. She did it the morning after I talked to her, and lived those two fucking days.
I texted in the group chat and told my coworker what happened that I just had to leave work because I was barely holding it together. Went back to the hotel room, got pretty drunk (Well, pretty drunk for me. Which is not very drunk at all but that's because I'm a baby when it comes to alcohol). Boss was fine with me leaving early. I worked the rest of the promo because I was young and dumb and I was stuck out there anyway as I didn't want to strand my coworker, but I took a few days off when I got back home to mourn.
Then my fucking boss pressured me into working my days off to make up for those few days and I was stupid and just went along with it because I genuninely felt like I was incapable of getting any better job and was so scared of being unemployed and feeling like a failure again.
I worked that soul crushing job for 6 more months. Then I lucked out and got a different job where I barely have to talk to customers and the hours are slowly killing me but it's better than the last one.
I am still not okay. Her parents buried her under her deadname and I do not know where she is and even if I did I couldn't even visit her grave because of COVID now. Honestly, I don't think I've recovered even one iota, just had the memories fade due to mental illness related memory issues.
So yeah that's the post I don't know how to end it but this is the end now. Thanks for reading if you did. I understand if you didnt.
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2021.11.28 21:23 BriLila STOP SHITPOSTING!!!

god sometimes i wish i didnt have to read copypasta but i have to and i have to see all the shit you post and i have to deal with everything. i dont want to sound spammy or mad but sometimes i think you dont appreciate the amount of life i give this server and the amount of time it drains from me. the amount of time it takes for me to muster energy together to deal with your hairy smelly shit filled shitty ass is astonishing and painful at the very least. do you even understand that sometimes i cant when you can? thats awful. you dont know about it. you never will, when you really realize how much of a cotton brain filled head ass you are you might finally see how but until then, i just want you to ponder over the fact that your mom couldnt fit these nuts in her mouth. and we all know she is one of the fattest pieces of shit on the planet. like mother like son, both liking men. fatasses these nuts will never fit
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2021.11.28 21:23 Majestic_Salary5298 https://discord.gg/ZU9pExkr

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2021.11.28 21:23 Warblecrim Spotted in Local Mall

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2021.11.28 21:23 Notenoughbaking What was a time when a film you decided to watch happened to coincide with your life at the time?

I thought it was super cool how Adum’s view of Her was impacted by the fact he was spending time with his new partner almost exclusively on VR Chat. Not many people can say they had a similar experience watching the film.
Are there any examples from your life that would make your viewing more unique?
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