I don't know what to say

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Xbox After years of closure for rehab, Thailand’s famous bay will finally open up its shores to visitors – here’s everything you need to know before planning your next holiday America's Largest Deaf news since 2002. Contact. Let us post your news! Office: Colorado Springs, Colorado 80922-3199 USA Office Hour: Monday - Thursday, 10am - 4pm & 7pm -9pm (Mountain Time) Videophone: (719) 358-2296 Email: news@deafnewspaper.com news@deafnewspaper.com Search rules, forms, case law, and other services on this website. This website, which hadn't been updated since 2007 and which was no longer receiving significant numbers of visitors, has finally been retired. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 528‚372 lives saved! Life Alert saves a life from a catastrophe every 11 minutes. 24/7 help for fall, medical, shower, out of home emergencies. 800-360-0329. I know I can't expect you to want the same things that I want. We are not the same person, so we will not always see things the same way. I have my own Thoughts and my own Ideas, that may or may not fit into your vision of who I should be. Texas.net Inbox Login. Webmail Login. Username: Password

2022.01.21 13:48 Hydraxon-the-Warden I don't know what to say

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2022.01.21 13:48 Lightningjolts Get Your First Month For $5! With Unlimited, Talk, Text, And Data! Includes Unlimited Hotspot! Then Only $25 A Month After! Best Unlimited Deal Around. Use My Friend Code To Get This Deal!

Check out this page: https://www.visible.com/get/33QT9W7, it has all the info you need to know about joining Visible. When you use my friend code, 33QT9W7, you’ll get your first month of service for only $5!
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2022.01.21 13:48 mslilly2007 Yes, they do exist

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2022.01.21 13:48 vegasbm Jihadi Video Shows Child Fighters Executing Nigeria Soldiers

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2022.01.21 13:48 Ferrari303 Thoughts on Cassie….

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2022.01.21 13:48 Andru606 Space Game P2E coming next week on Polygon network!

Hey everyone, check out this P2E game coming next week called Space Game. The game is already planned for several seasons and the community is very active!! Check out the website
Use this invite to join discord, last WL spots! https://discord.gg/RE4k4nHjs4
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2022.01.21 13:48 chrisor97 [Xbox One] Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Bilingual) - Xbox One is $26.58

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2022.01.21 13:48 NoMoreCannaNames Best supply for glass tubing? I want 10 mm outer diameter, 2mm thick wall.

Figure someone here might know. And it is definitely for a smoking device. Thanks.
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2022.01.21 13:48 Ecocrexis Loot from 3k+ Karambwans with Personal Banker and lvl 3 Catch of the day

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2022.01.21 13:48 PenguinFart003 The duality of man

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2022.01.21 13:48 Clipperdippers Ex type being weird

So I used to be obsessed with this dude I was seeing but I moved on. I know have a boyfriend but this ex(ex fuckbuddy) suddenly is giving me attention I’m not interested ofcourse but I’m confused why he is doing this. It’s not direct but it’s stuff he knows I used to appreciate from him eg. Love reacting to photos of me and liking all my posts. It’s all just so weird is this just him being thirsty or is he trying to communicate something. Again I’m just confused I’m %1000 not interested in him as he was a huge fuck boi and way behind me now
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2022.01.21 13:48 Roryalex what do i do here?

(Xi: I=1,... 365) is a succession of random variables where xi indicates the number of cars I saw on the day I of the year, supposing that the random variables are independent and are identically distributed as E(xi) =15 and Var(xi) 9, after 61 way what is the probability that I have seen 900 cars?
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2022.01.21 13:48 throw4way4today Anyone else play Yu GI Oh Master Duel? Got back into the game a few months back

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2022.01.21 13:48 krprdt Full Stack Mono-Repo Template

I created a template for a mono-repo stack, integrated with :

Setup is one bash command, full stack application up and running in < 10 minutes
Here's an article with more info : https://drpkrp.com/articles/ultimate-monorepo
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2022.01.21 13:48 List-Civil Anyone else know in advance they’d be headed to the NICU?

Had my 12w scan yesterday and received a suspected diagnosis of gastroschisis, an abdominal defect that will require surgery right after birth. They told us to expect a month (I read elsewhere 6 week) NICU stay. I’m still processing a lot of things, but I’m wondering if anyone has advice on how to stop dwelling on the inevitable and regain excitement around pregnancy & birth. Or, just share your experience and how you dealt with going into birth knowing you were in for a scary time and wouldn’t be taking your little one home right away.
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2022.01.21 13:48 alazystoner420 Professional Footballer meeting his former teacher

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2022.01.21 13:48 krf88sa1l Tell me you’re miserable and overcompensating with toxic positivity and casually dropping your “salary” in an IG caption without telling me

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2022.01.21 13:48 cybermachine_ Utility vest by schnittmuskel

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2022.01.21 13:48 darrylasher Malibu Hindu Temple, Me, Instant film/digital hybrid photography, 2017

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2022.01.21 13:48 deepspacenine New home/first time homeowner: cracking all over house that passed inspection… is this normal?

Yet another cracking post although I didn’t find one with similar issue so apologies for seeking the communities help in advance. So we have a house in a hot and humid area (although finally cold) and I am noticing all kinds of nail pops (walls and ceiling) and cracking on walls, ceiling, crown moulding, and some cracking is in weird patterns like on parts of walls following the outline of the 2x4.
My inspector measured the home foundation and said it was normal for a 20+ year old house (.5 differential from front to back). I am panicked now that the cracking has appeared and seems to be accelerating all over.
Is this normal? What kind of expert do I hire if not.
some example photos (Imgur)
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2022.01.21 13:48 hollsloss New Radiant Week Episode Discussion (Season 2 Episode 14 )

Is anyone also disappointed this wasn't the Pacific Coast episode?
Wondering if Mrs.Barnes appearing will lead to Bella participating in the reality show...
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2022.01.21 13:48 PittyMemo if i don't feel like dota, then i conjure up a pizza

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2022.01.21 13:48 ManchuKenny Oklahoma governor allow any state employees to be substitutes teachers so the school can stay open

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2022.01.21 13:48 improperly_paranoid Mod Book Club: Od Magic Discussion

Welcome to Mod Book Club. We want to invite you all in to join us with the best things about being a mod: we have fabulous book discussions about a wide variety of books (interspersed with Valdemar fanclubs and random cat pictures). We all have very different tastes and can expose and recommend new books to the others, and we all benefit (and suffer from the extra weight of our TBR piles) from it.
For our January read, we have chosen Od Magic by Patricia McKilip!

Brenden Vetch has a gift. With an innate sense he cannot explain to himself or describe to others, he connects to the agricultural world, nurturing gardens to flourish and instinctively knowing the healing properties each plant and herb has to offer. But Brenden's gift isolates him from people—and from becoming part of a community.
Until the day he receives a personal invitation from the wizard Od. She needs a gardener for her school in the great city of Kelior, where every potential wizard must be trained to serve the Kingdom of Numis. For decades the rulers of Numis have controlled the school, believing they can contain the power within it—and punish any wizard who dares defy the law.
But unknown to the reigning monarchy is the power possessed by the school's new gardener—a power that even Brenden isn't fully aware of, and which is the true reason Od recruited him...
Bingo squares:
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2022.01.21 13:48 Quiet_Nectarine4185 Apologies for a repeat post, but can someone please give me a link to the discord server?

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