Size of Britain compared to U.S.

2022.01.21 13:35 Pure-Au Size of Britain compared to U.S.

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2022.01.21 13:35 kidem 🐶 Did SHIB do this?🐶 Zelda Inu donating 1 million to rescues so they dont put the pups down! every dog meme lover should be on this!

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2022.01.21 13:35 Fjordice Beginner kits

Hi folks, I've just gotten into fly fishing for about a year and a half. I'm thinking about getting in to fly tying. I'm wondering if you more experienced folk have any opinion on the fly tying kits that are out there. example
To clarify I'm looking for a set up that would be more just for a fun craft/hobby activity. Convenience and lower price are more important than top of the line equipment at this point. Any opinions on the above kit or others in the market? Thanks so much!
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2022.01.21 13:35 lIlIIlIIIlIII ELI5: If you're on a train traveling 300 kph and running 10 kph, someone outside sees you running 310 kph. If two planes flying abreast at 2,000 kph, the pilot of Plane A turn on a flashlight, the speed of the flashlight is THE SAME for the pilot of Plane B and an observer on the ground, right? How?

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2022.01.21 13:35 dsd517 Mount Rigi + Eurorail Question

Does the Mount Rigi train come at a discount if you have the Eurorail Global pass?
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2022.01.21 13:35 hotterthanahandjob New to rust and have a question about private maps.

First off, I love this game. I've never played anything like it.
My question is, is it possible for me to play on a map that has all the landmarks (oil rig, launch site, water treatment, etc.) but doesn't have any other humans playing? I still want the NPC's, but I'd like an opportunity to learn the map and key cards and just how everything works, without getting shot in the head every 5 minutes.
Also, is it possible for this map to not be vanilla, so I can just have a kit ready to go play these landmarks?
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2022.01.21 13:35 nwrx 18M desperate for friends

I don't like dry ppl
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2022.01.21 13:35 MaddoxBoiS159 Well, when you tell me not to…

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2022.01.21 13:35 TarahTarah What should I do?

I have had all types of hair. Short, Long, In Between. I have a lot of hair. Not super thick, but there's tons of it. I like for my hair to be stacked at the crown as I feel it helps my hair not look flat. Also, I've lost a tiny bit of weight since this photo, but hoping you all can help me decide what the best look would be. I don't like fixing it every day and am more of a blow out and go type person. There's some natural wave, but not enough to wear wavy. Also, I'm a first time mom. My son is 9 months old and constantly playing with my hair. Any advice on the best cut for me?
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2022.01.21 13:35 SpaceDoggoWithCheese What black sand should I get for my goldfish

Non pH altering and I might add plants in the future but I'm not sure
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2022.01.21 13:35 FEDYA90210 My AT37 livery. Share code: 454 280 051

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2022.01.21 13:35 zander3054 Anyone know how to use input without pressing enter

I can’t find any solution online for python 3 but I’m sure there is one.
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2022.01.21 13:35 dreamingcos Mom, I feel so lonely. I want to go home.

Hi mom. I’m starting my second quarter in college and I just moved from a bad room situation to a single room sharing a bathroom and common area with two strangers who are already friends. I feel lonely and scared. Everyone kept saying I’d have friends in college but I’m still the loser who eats alone and cries in the dining hall. I want to drop out and go home so I feel safe. My real mom won’t let me, shes visiting tonight. I applied to transfer to my top school I didn’t get into last year, I told her I want to talk about not finishing spring quarter here if I get in there. I’m so proud of myself because I went from a 2.0 with bad mental health in high school to a 4.0 here, but while I feel happier most of the time I am very fragile and I’ve been crying more often than not. Tldr: I’m scared and lonely mom.
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2022.01.21 13:35 treesarepoems How does YouTube track my history when using brave?

I use both the Brave browser and search engine, and I've noticed that YouTube is nevertheless able to keep a record of what I've been viewing. Specifically, I see videos in the "up next" frame that are related to videos I've watched in the past. As an example, if I watch a video on stretching, then on subsequent visits to YouTube to watch, say, videos on investing, the YouTube algorithm will toss in some stretching videos in the "up next" queue. It has clearly tracked me from visit to visit. Is this perhaps the result of a cookie that Brave does not block? And if so, what are the privacy implications? Thanks in advance for any explanations.
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2022.01.21 13:35 mintgreeen Hey, we accomplished the goal on our shirts. RAYS UP!!

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2022.01.21 13:35 Meetvirginiaslims Oh ok.

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2022.01.21 13:35 anarchosolstice some art of my voidsona, an artificially intelligent robot named kid a mnesia :)

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2022.01.21 13:35 Lunalovestabbycats ULPT Request: getting someone expelled from uni?

as the title says^
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2022.01.21 13:35 MedicalProfession308 GraysonTheLab - Collection

Hello everyone
Welcome to the first ever Dog NFT collection
Come meet Grayson and enjoy his special NFT.
Please come check us out and if you like what you see please share us with friends and family Only 100 will be minted
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2022.01.21 13:35 just-rundeer 12pin pci-e recommendations?

I recently got lucky with a 3080 FE and I want to change the cable sleeves. I only found one cable (a brand which I never heard of) and one sleeving kit. My problem ist that I am looking for a complete white cable. Has anyone got some recommendations?
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2022.01.21 13:35 zuzieey7719 Oink

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2022.01.21 13:35 kitties-plus-titties Speculation : Liquidation Last Night

Shit post because I am lazy and this will probably get buried.
The other night had a huge stock drop in the following:
- Netflix, Viacom, Disney, Dish, Discovery?
Probably some others. Back in March when Archegos (family office) collapsed, Discovery and Viacom stocks were hit HARD.
These stocks were hit hard again all at the same time. Was there another family office that liquidated?
Credit Suisse CEO stepped down recently; these might be signs of a market implosion or the cause of these drops as they have had their offices raided in the past few months.
Also - I do not know the signficance; but Home Depot stock has also been falling.
None of this is DIRECTLY attributed to $GME; however, I think these motion means that things are falling and things are starting to happen.
We are seeing the castle crumble, brick by brick.
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2022.01.21 13:35 AusCOVID19 Covid reinfection: how likely are you to catch virus multiple times?

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2022.01.21 13:35 Old_Truth6995 Onlyfans Review-Neiima@neiima

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2022.01.21 13:35 gooningaccount @golovanl

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