2022.01.21 15:20 After_Calligrapher_4 Help

Looking for Dasquain claimed by the black dragon by Jenny Foster can't find anywhere. TIA!!!
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2022.01.21 15:20 Zazzyx How to choose real pins from boards?

Hi all! I'm going to WDW for the first time in December and just found out about pin trading and this community. Thought it might be a fun extra for some memories.
From the sidebar and a significant number of posts I see fake pins are an issue on boards at the park. I'm probably going to pick up a lot or two from trusted sellers mentioned on the sub to start with real pins but what should a newbie be looking for with pins on boards in the parks? Will they let you see the backs or do you just have to judge if the pin looks good from the quality of the front?
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2022.01.21 15:20 Bogfrog2020 I kissed my friend and we liked it. But he now regrets it. What do I do?

Okay Reddit, I rly need ur help.
So, there’s this guy who I’ll call Tom for his anonymity. We met around three months ago and we started to get affectionate quick, but we slowed down because it was clear that we should wait and he said he didn’t think he was ready to be with someone, even though he did like me. And I like him too. He’s very sweet and very pure/innocent. He’s also a bit naive a socially awkward but I find it cute. He also loves hugs. He hugs all of his friends a lot and that includes me (we’d hug every day after school).
So, we talk every day for the most part. We mostly text because we don’t share the same classes in school. Although we do have lunch together, and we always get close to each other and I remember one time we held hands. We don’t cuddle tho since we’re both not fully out in school.
So, before Christmas break we had plans to get pizza after school. I found a psychological study that said that if u hug someone for over 20 seconds, u start to feel a sense of euphoria. I told Tom about the study and we agreed to do it when we met for pizza. However Tom and I both got busy and the plan fell through.
Fast forward to yesterday. I realized that the second floor of the school we go to gets very empty once school ends and I told him what if we did our plan the next day, and he agreed. We both were rly excited about it.
When the day came, he was waiting for me at our usual spot. There was still a lot of ppl around so we just walked around and talked until it got emptier. We didn’t know where we’d do it but we chose a staircase we knew was always super empty.
So we took off our jackets and we hugged. I felt his chest press against mine as our hearts were doing summersaults. We rested our heads on each other’s shoulders too. He got a phone call and pulled away, but then he came back and we did it again.
When we did it again I felt a rush of hormones come through. I’ve never been drunk, but I imagine it to be similar to that. I just had the urge to be close to him. And so, I looked into his eyes and said “can I kiss you?”
He was hesitant at first. I was too. We e both never kissed anyone. And he said “if we do this there’s no turning back.” And I said “I know.”
We stared a bit more and I softly grabbed his chin as we got closer towards each other, and we kissed. MAN, that kiss was like an explosion of fireworks. Not only that but we did it A SECOND TIME. And it was even more passionate than the first.
But then, as we were leaving, he looked anxious. I asked him “did you like it?” And he said “let’s never talk about this. I don’t think we did the right thing.”
I asked, “was it too far?” He said “a bit, yeah.” At this point, I was thinking that I really enjoyed that kiss. But I didn’t want to be an asshole and disagree, so I kept on reassuring his opinion and I said: “at least now we know to not do that again. You won’t hate me right?” He said he wouldn’t and agreed to not wanting to do that again.
Of course my first kiss would end this way. Now I don’t know how to talk to him. I want him to know that what I felt was genuine and I want to know how he really felt about the kiss, but I don’t want to sound desperate, clingy, and especially not bothersome. I want to address it but idk how. What do I do???????????
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2022.01.21 15:20 FireFausto Need Help with Kubectl Jsonpath, I've tried multiple filters and still get errors...

Hi, I am having problems with a combination of jsonpath filters:
``` $ kubectl get node ip-10-0-0-89 --output jsonpath='{.status.conditions[?(@.reason == "NodeStatusUnknown" and @.type == "Ready")].lastTransitionTime}'
error: error parsing jsonpath {.status.conditions[?(@.reason == "NodeStatusUnknown" and @.type == "Ready")].lastTransitionTime}, unrecognized character in action: U+003D '=' ```
``` $ kubectl get node ip-10-0-0-89 --output jsonpath='{.status.conditions[?(@.reason = "NodeStatusUnknown"), ?(@.type = "Ready")].lastTransitionTime}'
error: error parsing jsonpath {.status.conditions[?(@.reason = "NodeStatusUnknown"), ?(@.type = "Ready")].lastTransitionTime}, unclosed array expect ] ```
``` $ kubectl get node ip-10-0-0-89 --output jsonpath='{.status.conditions[?(@.reason == "NodeStatusUnknown" && .type == "Ready")].lastTransitionTime}'
error: error parsing jsonpath {.status.conditions[?(@.reason == "NodeStatusUnknown" && .type == "Ready")].lastTransitionTime}, unrecognized character in action: U+0026 '&' ```
Should I get the full JSON and use jq for this? Does the kubectl not support multiple filters?
Thanks to everyone :D
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2022.01.21 15:20 PsychologyNo1626 24 HOURS HOMELESS IN THE HOOD (WINTER)

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2022.01.21 15:20 Huskyyeo “Work harder NOT smarter”

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2022.01.21 15:20 DWLKJR (voip thing) Be careful of what you say

Was doing a raid with my friends who are new to the game. In order to prevent friendly fires I told them to say "Penis" three times so we know who is around. I did it and received a notification in game that "Your misuse has been reported". it's neat to know that this system works but I'm concerned at the same time.
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2022.01.21 15:20 forkydoor Saitamask is awesome (repost)

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2022.01.21 15:20 craftknight98 Dodging like a winning son,oh wait he is the winning son 🤣

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2022.01.21 15:20 RJD1az .

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2022.01.21 15:20 CyberdyneT600 Vtm Prelude 2, any news?

I recently decided to play VtMB and the various story mods again, someone knows if the second chapter of VtM Prelude is still in the makings?
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2022.01.21 15:20 Bonus1Fact Vaccinated individuals and those who had recovered from COVID-19 both showed significant defense against the Delta variant, the CDC announced. by @miltimore79

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2022.01.21 15:20 Admirable_Bad_8592 Just paid 80 quid for this and it did nothing livid mate 😠

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2022.01.21 15:20 Illegrian Haluatko tietoa alkuperäiskansoista ja tukea heidän kulttuuriaan?

Se tunne, kun tulet kotiseudullesi. Tutut tiet, mäet ja mökit. Ihmiset vilkuttavat kun he tunnistavat sinut. Voit turvallisesti samoilla tutuissa metsissä, ja kalastaa joessa, mistä tiedät parhaat kalapaikat.
Mutta nyt joku on kieltänyt sen. Joku on tullut viemään sen oikeuden, jolla perheesi on saanut elannon jo sukupolvien ajan. Vienyt oikeuden maahan, vesiin, ja pakottanut unohtamaan sen, mistä olet tullut. Kukaan ei kuuntele, satelee vain syytöksiä. Elannon mahdollisuudet vain pienenevät.
Voiko tämä olla edes totta?
Kyllä, ja tämä on todellisuutta alkuperäiskansoille ympäri maailmaa.
Alkuperäiskansat ovat kohdanneet sortoa heidän kotimaassaan, ja heidän kulttuuriaan on pyritty hävittämään. He eivät kuitenkaan ole antaneet periksi.
Tarinankerrontaperinteen kautta heidän kulttuurinsa on säilynyt vuosituhansien ajan. Elokuvat ovat nykypäiväinen tarinankerronnan muoto. Se on tapa välittää tietoa, kulttuuria ja kertoa ahdingosta, jota alkuperäiskansat kokevat tänäkin päivänä.
Kuulemalla heidän tarinansa ja levittämällä sanaa, voit olla osa tämän ahdingon lopettamista. Sinäkään et haluaisi jättää kotiasi, rakkaita seutujasi sen takia, että joku muu on vienyt mahdollisuuden elantoon.
Tukemalla alkuperäiskansojen kulttuuria ja yhteisöjä, voimme muuttaa tämän.
Skábmagovat on elokuvafestivaali, joka luo edellytyksiä tähän. Me jaamme alkuperäiskansojen tarinoita, toimimme äänitorvena heidän kulttuurilleen. Tiedämme, kuinka tärkeää on toteuttaa omaa kulttuuriaan ja tulla tunnustetuksi. Ovathan festivaalin järjestäjät itsekin alkuperäiskansaa, saamelaisia.
Saamelaiset ovat kohdanneet sortoa mm. Suomessa, mistä kertoo Eatnameamet - Hiljainen taistelumme. Suomen kolonialismista, jonka kohteena on Euroopan ainoa virallinen alkuperäiskansa.
Australian aboriginaaleja on tuomittu väärin perustein vankilaan ja kohdeltiin silmittömän epäoikeudenmukaisesti. Tästä kertoo Jadai. Tarina ohjaajan iso-isästä, joka nousi epäoikeudenmukaisuutta vastaan.
Perheen tärkeys ja rakkaus ovat korvaamattomia, kun muu maailma osoittaa julmuuttaan. Mutta mitä sitten, kun joudut sanomaan hyvästit perheellesi? Tästä kivusta kertoo Daddy's Girl, kun māorilainen tytär joutuu hyvästelemään isänsä.
Näitä tarinoita pääset kuulemaan ja tukemaan työtä alkuperäiskansojen puolesta osallistumalla festivaaliimme. Online-festivaalin kautta kuka tahansa ympäri maapalloa voi nauttia palan alkuperäiskansojen tarinankerrontaperinnettä.
Tutustu lisää tarinoihimme, ja osallistu festivaaliimme Vimeon kautta osoitteessa Ostamalla lipun, tuet alkuperäiskansojen kulttuuria, sekä pääset jakamaan ainutlaatuisia tarinoita, joita valtamedia ei tuo esille.
10 päivän ajan voit katsella jopa 54 elokuvaa, jotka on jaettu 15 näytökseen. Tosin maakohtaiset rajoitukset voivat vaikuttaa katseltavien näytösten määrään. Mutta näitä tarinoita et löydä muualta.
Festivaali alkaa 27.1. ja jatkuu saamelaisten kansallispäivään asti 6.2. Tule osaksi tätä ainutlaatuista festivaalia, ja tue alkuperäiskansojen perinteitä säilymään!
Jos kiinnostaa tehdä some yhteistyötä festivaalin kanssa ja tukea alkuperäiskansoja globaalisti niin ottakaahan yhteyttä minuun, tapahtuman päätuottajaan:
Diinu Bouras Ohvo
Skabmagovat alkuperäiskansa elokuvafestivaali 2022
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2022.01.21 15:20 SqualorTrawler [product] Only boys need to cut stuff. (Taken at THE THING roadside kitsch stop in Arizona) - There were no girls or women's names on any of them.

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2022.01.21 15:20 adventure_awaits0804 Washing everyday?

So everyone here talks about wash days and refreshes... am I not supposed to wash my hair everyday? Because that's definitely what I'm currently doing lol. I use some hairspray sometimes to keep the waves around through my workday and I can't go to sleep with hairspray still in my hair. And if I just rinse it at the end of the day, it feels like it's still on my hair so I have to use shampoo to actually wash it. And then if I use shampoo, I need to fully condition and then if I do that, I'm going to have to pull out a shirt to plop the hair and then if I'm plopping, I'm adding product.. and I've just been doing this process like every day. Is this not a good idea or is this fine?
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2022.01.21 15:20 canadianhikertrash Where to get fuel canisters

Hi all,
I’m planning to thru hike this September. Does anyone know how easy/difficult it is to find isobutane/propane canisters for pocket rocker stoves? Are they available in grocery stores or just outfitters?
Thanks for your help!
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2022.01.21 15:20 Anachroschism Star Citizen - #Gameplay #Screenshots Join my community! #StarCitizen #Squadron42 #Gaming Enlist using my referral, to be eligible for a bonus 5000aUEC!

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2022.01.21 15:20 Makeupbilly Lipstick mask = officially finished !

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2022.01.21 15:20 scotthallstandup A NAP IN THE PARK | Dan Frank & Torrey Huggins | 69th Amendment Pod

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2022.01.21 15:20 everlongrazor [SW] Turn up a profit at Nook's Cranny @ 487 bells

First timer with a relatively new island, so forgive any cluelessness on my part. Post your favorite song here for access. I'll keep it going for at least an hour.
You can run, but try to stick to the sidewalks. Straight up/north from the airport, you'll find the main square. At the upper right/northeast corner of the square, you'll see Able Sisters and just to the right of that is where you'll make your fortune with the Nook boys.
Please don't take anything or chat up my neighbors.
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2022.01.21 15:20 Junior-Salamander848 Avoiding market makers on TD?

Does anyone have a link on how to avoid buying from the market makers on thinkorswim?
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2022.01.21 15:20 cryptocalbot AMA (Ask Me Anything) - Wall Street Games (WSG): January 25, 2022 3:00 PM UTC

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2022.01.21 15:20 LoveMangaBuddy Read An Adventure in Paradise - Chapter 64 - MangaBuddy

Will he succeed and reincarnate in this horrific survival game? Bet on your time and dice with death, here goes the adventure! Can people rise from the death? Yang Ni ran into robbers on his way to the hospital and was killed with hatred, then he woke up to find himself in the underworld. Knowing he had a chance to be reborn in real life, Yang began his thrilling adventures with friends. ... Read An Adventure in Paradise - Chapter 64 - MangaBuddy. Read more at
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2022.01.21 15:20 NewsElfForEnterprise Save 85% on a lifetime of access to Microsoft's Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more for Windows

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