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Serin Fate coming to Nintendo Switch on Jan 27th

2022.01.21 15:02 rafal2050 Serin Fate coming to Nintendo Switch on Jan 27th

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2022.01.21 15:02 CryAdministrative667 Watch "Rodneys Beats" on YouTube

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2022.01.21 15:02 someone_called_matt 9-46 for 7 strings?

Hi everyone! I wanted to switch to 9-46 gauge strings from 9-42's for my 7 string, but don't know what gauge of string to use for the 7th one. I've seen and tried 9-46 strings with a 66 for the 7th string, however, the 66 is quite heavy for me (I'm using a 26.5-inch scale length Guitar, and I'm using it in Standard Tuning). I can't seem to find any string sets that have a 9-46 + *insert 7th string here* available for sale. Can anybody who has any experience with this give me some advice, please? Thank you :)
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2022.01.21 15:02 teller_of_tall_tales Old humans

I sat in Clyde the humans "living room" as he prepared some kind of food in the kitchen. He hummed a soft tune as the clink and clack of utensils and pots filled the room.
I shifted my weight on the "couch" a device for resting not meant for my physiology. According to Clyde I wasn't dissimilar in appearance to the human world's "albatross, if it had weird scraggly arms instead of wings"
Clyde shuffled from the kitchen in his bath robe, graying hair cut neatly near to the top of his head, the skin around his face wrinkled from many of what he called "a good laugh or cry" though I had no meaning to these words.
Clyde set a plate of thinly sliced fish on some sort of grain in front of me before sitting down with a plate of brown, red and yellow in blobs and odd shapes.
Before I ate the "sashimi" Clyde had prepared, I curiously asked.
"Human Clyde, what is on your plate?"
He paused with a cube of red halfway to his open mouth, quickly closing it as though not to show his teeth too long.
Gesturing with a multi pronged utensil to each item he stated
"Eggs, potatoes, toast and steak"
He picked up the red cube of "steak" and stuck it in his mouth, chewing slowly and thoughtfully with his eyes closed.
I paid him no more attention as I picked up a piece of sashimi and set it in my beak, closing it and mimicking Clyde's actions as opposed to my usual glut.
My eye membranes flicked back the moment I closed them as flavors I'd never encountered danced across my tongue.
I couldn't stop myself as I masticated the sashimi and grabbed another piece, repeating the process until my plate was empty.
I felt... Satisfied, Even after such a small meal I felt I could eat no more.
Clyde mopped his plate with a piece of "toast" before stuffing it in his mouth and setting his plate on the table.
"I appreciate the visit Beak, you know us old guys don't get much company other than each other"
Clyde stated amicably, stretching his long arms and wrinkled hands upwards as his joints creaked softly.
I borrowed a human Expression, nodding as I chirped my reply
"Well, there's not many humans in this settlement and I will admit, I find how varied your cultures are from human to human an interesting prospect"
Clyde nodded softly and stroked the floppy green hat on its stand atop his small side table with a soft smile, gazing into nothing.
"Us Military men are like that, proud of where we came from, we take it everywhere with us as a reminder of home..."
He trailed off, and looked down, wiping his eyes before saying
"My apologies, I get reminiscent of home"
I nodded softly, I could tell the human was struggling with some great weight upon his shoulders. I felt an odd thing in my chest and approached the human, placing my hand upon his shoulder, and patting softly.
"You don't need to apologize, however, I need to go to the vendors and pick up things for the day"
I felt that twinge again as he nodded and I left for the market.
The street was oddly quiet this morning as I took up my basket and began my walk to the market. I found myself humming the tune Clyde had been, as I turned the corner to the main road.
I froze, skelvians, hundreds of them, if not thousands, in their silent hovercraft, floating down the main road and breaking off in perfect unison to invade the streets.
"How... How... The defense barrier..."
I mumbled to myself, then, one of the skelvian ls in the foremost craft turned, looking straight at me with it's ugly diamond shaped head and four heat sensing eyes.
I stumbled backwards and ran, dropping my basket, my scared mind lamenting it's loss as I clumsily ran away from the skelvian hover craft, but I could hear it, the whistle of the vehicle picking up speed, they were going to kill me, skelvians never let potential threats survive.
I tried for Clyde's door just as the hovercraft rammed into me, I felt ribs break as I was slung to the side, the plasticrete pavement smooth and cold against my face
I coughed and purple leaked from my beak, blood.
I was kicked over onto my back and a Skelvian pointed his kinetic blaster at my face, my eyes staring down the deadly little hole in the end.
The PA system squealed and the skelvians looked up.
That, melody, that Clyde had been humming began in instrumental, and soon, a human voice started to sing.
"Fighting soldiers from the sky... Fearless men who jump and Die... Men, who mean, just what they say... The brave men... Of the green Beret..."
A deafening thunderclap echoed down the street, a chunk disappearing from the skelvians head in a spray of opaque goop.
The skelvians turned towards the gunshot as another Rang out, another Skelvian falling to the ground and revealing my savior.
Clyde, armor slung over his bathrobe, floppy green hat perched stop his head, a wooden, magazine fed rifle tucked tight into his shoulder as he swung the barrel onto the third Skelvian, pulling the trigger and removing a chunk from their head, dropping them to the ground.
The fourth Skelvian shared his fellow's fate as he hit the plasticrete.
Clyde turned as more hovercraft began to come down the street.
He raised a hand with all fingers extended above his head, and dropped it, pointing at the hovercraft approaching rapidly along the almost deserted street.
To say the scream of the rocket launcher was loud would be an injustice as the hellion Anti convoy missile flew over Clyde's head, impacting the middle of the column and detonating.
The wash of heat and pressure overwhelmed and I lost consciousness.
My hands shook violently for a moment as I set the pen down and reclined in the human hospital bed.
I'd been writing down the events of last week as best I could remember them for awhile now. But there was something odd that day it all started. The invasion was not repelled by any formal army.
Rather, Clyde and many, many of the human "veterans" fought tooth and nail for our little colony.
while many of us non humans had been Ill prepared, believing the defense barrier to be invulnerable...
The human veterans stockpiled weapons, ammunition, ordinance and medical supplies...
And all of it was manned by men in their late seventies
I closed my eyes and laughed softly, the feeling relieving some of the weight I didn't know I felt.
"Crazy old humans... I owe my life to them..."
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2022.01.21 15:02 Several_Hyena5458 Made in the shape of a car.

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2022.01.21 15:02 PacMan2703 stop reposting your rubbish gilmie

i dont wanna listen to your shitty album with a shitty stereo effect called 360 but now i get why its called "the ENDLESS river" god damn it daved
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2022.01.21 15:02 yittlewoofa Intelligent Design

Cities are built on sturdy foundations
Sturdy foundations must be designed with intelligence
Regardless of the game mode, difficulty settings, map, or the temperament (Serenity vs Endurance) of the world, I wanna know:
When you start a new city, do you go at the layout/design process with a specific image in mind? Or do you model the construction on a necessity-based mindset? All of my initial runs on "A New Home," as well as many of my Serenity cities were based purely on what I needed at that moment, and where I could put it.
What I would like to TRY doing is a city where there are specific areas for specific places/buildings/events/etc...
A residential district where most of the citizens homes, cookhouses, and child shelters are.
A medical district for a majority of medical tents, infirmaries, sick houses.
An entertainment district for fights, bars, the gardens, and squares.
All of that and more, although that can be difficult to do with limited resources, fluctuating temperatures, immediate needs vs aesthetic choices, and possible storms depending on the game mode. (Some kind of planning feature for Frostpunk 2 perhaps?)
That's my take, how about you all? What is your typical method of attack for making your cities?
Do you plan for the future or work in the now?
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2022.01.21 15:02 DiabloDogo My single mother, is against me going to the barber.

I’m 15, male; and I’m pretty annoyed because she wants my hair to be long. My mother expects me to have curly hair like I did when I was 5, and every time I tell someone about this problem, they get me into arguments with my mom. Honestly I feel like she thinks that everything remains the same. My hair looks like shit, I can’t even style it. It looks like horseshit. If I tell my mother to get me a haircut she just says that it’ll look better but I’m getting laughed at in school, her only response is “they’re haters, your hair is beautiful.” And I can’t just snap at her randomly. I can’t wait till I get I license!
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2022.01.21 15:02 AkhileshTekade Feativus pinata glitch

I bought the large Pea Vine pinatas costing 240 gems twice (240 x 2 = 480 gems)
But it actually cost me 720 gems.
Before: 1861 After: 1141
Please check you gems before and after buying pinatas. I'm gonna raise a ticket for this.
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2022.01.21 15:02 Flame0fthewest One ring

One ring
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2022.01.21 15:02 brandonf_ Question about being banned

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has ever got an auction house/trade block ban but hasn’t been able to log in to MUT nor play any other modes. This is currently happening to me and I don’t know why. I tried reaching out to them and all they say is that they “actioned my account correctly.”
Should I not still be able to play?? It says in the emails I received that I should be able to.
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2022.01.21 15:02 KummKing Mythical looper or mythical auto gun?

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2022.01.21 15:02 idc_aboutusernames What was your first Oculus headset?

View Poll
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2022.01.21 15:02 BarajasFernando New Surge VST version!

Latest Release: XT 1.0.0 (2022-01-18 14:00:11 UTC )
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2022.01.21 15:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: tillgänglig

tillgänglig translates to available
See previous words @ https://wordofthehour.org/past
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2022.01.21 15:02 NectarineOk5419 iso: sweetheart rose crown & heart-toed shoes

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2022.01.21 15:02 pequeno6969 J'ai les trois parties de la vidéo c'est vous avez qql chose à échanger

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2022.01.21 15:02 Wetscherpants Possible appendix-related reaction from second Pfizer dose; now eligible for booster in third trimester. Any similar stories?

Posting on behalf of my wife
TLDR at bottom. Did anyone have appendix-related issues or lower right abdominal pain immediately following their vaccine? If so, did you experience the same for subsequent vaccines or the booster?
I received my first two doses of Pfizer last summer, second dose about 6 weeks before conceiving. First dose had the usual dizziness, aches and chills, but no major side effects. But about an hour and a half after receiving my second dose, I experienced the most debilitating pain in my lower right abdomen. It hurt to even take a breath. This lasted about an hour before slowly subsiding. I went to emerg, but decided not to wait since the pain had subsided and I was concerned about sitting and waiting with possible covid patients in the ER. An ultrasound two weeks later, of course, showed nothing. It hasn’t happened since, so while we can’t say for sure that it was caused by the vaccine, the timeline does leave that open as a possibility.
Fast-forward to now, I am just about 22 weeks pregnant, and due for my booster. But I am extremely nervous at the possibility that the same side effect will return. If appendix-related (which my doctor said is possible since the appendix is partly associated with the lymphatic system), I’m a little panicked about triggering appendicitis (and triggering it so close to third trimester, which I’ve read is less than ideal).
I’m not looking for medical advice (my doctors are saying that all pregnant women should get boosted, but have told me that I need to do what makes me comfortable).
I’m wondering if anyone has experienced a similar side effect from their vaccine, and whether it happened more than once.
Also, if anyone has had appendix complications in general during pregnancy, particularly in the second or third trimester, I’d love to hear about your experience.
Thank you!
TLDR: May have had an appendix flare up from second vaccine dose. Now entering third trimester and nervous about triggering appendicitis with the booster.
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2022.01.21 15:02 Deathangel141 Full time hours cut

Hey y'all. I don't remember the exact name of my position, but im the dude in charge of the cooler and freezer, i was hired as full time. Recently i asked my boss if i could only work mornings on tuesdays, the day i do the ordetruck and my hours got cut from 36, to 30 and now 25. And I'm still working five days a week! if it was just a few, id understand, the store has been slow as hell and sales are down. Is there anything i can do? I was thinking about just asking the SM whatsup amd ask if i did something wrong.
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2022.01.21 15:02 soggybike Naches handcrew?

I had a good talk with the superintendent of the Naches handcrew out of the Okanogon-Wenachee NF this morning and it sounds like I will be recieving a job offer from them, which I'm stoked about. I asked about housing/pt/assignments/etc and got a food feel for that side of the program but haven't found many personal accounts of experiences on this crew. Does anyone have information on crew culture, things to do around Naches, or other general info on the crew?
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2022.01.21 15:02 thesounddefense Should I tag a story with "major character death" if the death isn't going to be permanent?

Now that I've exposed myself as an absolute hack, what are your thoughts?
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2022.01.21 15:02 God_of_Trepidation Henry irl

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2022.01.21 15:02 Rodney_5 Noob question.

If I decide to buy a stock using Webull, does it buy at that exact time and price? Also if I was to sell will it sell at that exact time and price?
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2022.01.21 15:02 deathennyfrankel One day, this photoshoot will not live rent-free in my head. Today is not that day.

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2022.01.21 15:02 isavefilms SOLOMON KING: Deaf Crocodile to Restore & Re-Release Sal Watt's Long-Lost Black Urban Crime Flick

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