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When the worlds of SH, HP, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight and Mentalist collide!!

2022.01.21 14:19 deevigeethamadhuri When the worlds of SH, HP, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight and Mentalist collide!!

Harry Potter inherits some belongings left behind by Severus Snape. Hermione finds a letter that Snape had written a week before James and Lilly’s wedding but never sent across. That letter mentions how much Snape wishes to confess his feelings to Lilly knowing she would end up choosing James over him. He mentions how much he would regret if he never got the chance. Hermione meets Draco in the ministry and realizes how the guilt and sorrow he has is eating him up. She learns how much Draco wishes to go back and change things for himself. Hermione then shares Snape’s letter details and tells him that Snape did great things despite living with a regret that killed him every second. Draco picks a chocolate Frog with Snape’s card and expresses his gratitude towards Snape for saving him from killing Dumbledore and expresses his interest in helping out Snape if he had a chance – to make things right. To get some help on the next action plan, Hermione meets her childhood neighbofriend who grew up to be the world’s most famous detective – Sherlock Holmes. She visits him with a hope of solving this riddle by helping her get her hands on a time turner which was rumored to be in London stolen by the greatest thief of all time – Moriarty. Sherlock Holmes helps Hermione by defeating Moriarty in his challenge thereby forfeiting the stolen time turner. Sherlock, however, seals a bond with Hermione for a favor. A favor that would cost Hermione more than she could possibly imagine. Having found the time turner, Hermione and Draco go back to the day when Snape sits down to write that letter. They convince him how much he would regret if he doesn’t confess his feelings to Lilly in person. They run into Bellatrix who gets into an argument with Sirius Black. While Lucius tries to defend Sirius Black, dobby helps his master in intimidating Bellatrix. Hermione, Draco and Snape set off on a journey and unfortunately end up getting lost in wilderness where they run into Alice Cullen and Jacob, the werewolf. Alice, Edward and Jacob form a team to find Renesmee who seemed to have disappeared. Alice uses her powers to help Draco find his peace. While Jacob and Snape hit off on the wrong foot, the group realizes that if they work together, they could achieve their goals. They split into 2 groups. Hermione, Edward and Draco (HED) form one group while Snape, Alice and Jacob (SAJ) form another. While Hermione, Edward and Draco find themselves headed the wrong way into the Middle Earth, Snape, Alice and Jacob mistakenly set sail their boat to the Westeros. As soon as Snape, Alice and Jacob enter Westeros, Alice realizes that Stannis had something to do with Renesmee’s disappearance. As they struggle to find their way to Dragonstone, they run into Jamie Lannister who assumes Snape, Alice and Jacob to be Rob Stark’s spies. As Alice helps Jamie to find peace with the guilt of being a Kingslayer and fathering children through incest, Jamie requests Alice to try and free Ned Stark who was being held captive by his son King Jeoffrey. In return, he promises not to hurt Snape and Jacob whom he holds hostage. As Alice enters Ned’s prison and convinces the future ahead of him if he doesn’t take the deal of getting out, Ned realizes that he would never be able to...
(If you enjoyed this I'll post the rest 😁)
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2022.01.21 14:19 JackBurton12 Ghostface is always watching me at my desk.

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2022.01.21 14:19 KremitTheFrogg Freddy

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2022.01.21 14:19 Misrta Why is it possible to breathe in a closed car that's turned off?

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2022.01.21 14:19 Virtuous_Raven Simple but effective

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2022.01.21 14:19 Edjewcation One Person Tent - Tom Cardy (u/Howyoudouken)

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2022.01.21 14:19 The3SiameseCats Just found the first latch hook rug I was given as a kid. Still not completed to this day lol

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2022.01.21 14:19 kxlynnn Imposter 😭

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2022.01.21 14:19 stefgel70 Abstract Lights - 1Hour Relaxing Ambient Music - Amazing Animation!!! - Music for Stress Relief

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2022.01.21 14:19 SAMIR_MUSOU Finally my journey reached it's end.. ♤ Inazuma Recap ♤📌 1- All Achievements Done ✅ 2- All Commissions Done ✅ 3- All Quests & Exploring Done ✅ ♡ Can't wait for Sumeru 😁

Finally my journey reached it's end.. ♤ Inazuma Recap ♤📌 1- All Achievements Done ✅ 2- All Commissions Done ✅ 3- All Quests & Exploring Done ✅ ♡ Can't wait for Sumeru 😁 submitted by SAMIR_MUSOU to Genshin_Impact [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 14:19 TheLordKrokodyle I'm in on this!

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2022.01.21 14:19 CraterBetween-cheeks Starryai

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2022.01.21 14:19 Musclemanic003 Girlfriend’s period is 7 days late, she took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, is she pregnant?

My girlfriend (17F) and I (18M) had sex about two weeks without a condom. I know it’s bad but we have only did it one time raw and it was only a minute. I didn’t finish in her and I’m confused.
My girlfriend took a pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative and we were relieved but her period still hasn’t come.
We’ve had sex a lot before that with a condom and if she became pregnant from that the test should be accurate by now. We’re honestly so stressed and need help.
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2022.01.21 14:19 1ntercessor Microsoft woke up and chose violence..

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2022.01.21 14:19 GhostOfAlbertChung Idiotic question, but what kind of sauce do they use to mix with their spaghetti?

Just watched the episode were Ralphie makes spaghetti and the sauce he uses looks delicious.
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2022.01.21 14:19 harveymarch I guess these people play both games

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2022.01.21 14:19 baby-mama-elle Recommendations for Internet?

Hi friends, I recently moved to Minneapolis and was hoping for Internet recommendation for our rental house, which is located near Armatage Park in south Minneapolis. I work from home and we don’t bother with cable or landlines, so I need reliable stand alone service. Bonus points if you can provide me good recommendations for burritos as well; this west coast transplant is missing her carne asada burritos!
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2022.01.21 14:19 jrobin04 Question for the Child free By Choice out there:

I've been out of the dating world for a while, my most recent spouse recently died. I'm not ready to date yet, I'm processing a lot of things about the circumstances of his death, lots of trauma and general grief, but one day I hope to get back out there.
Him and I had the same outlook on kids and marriage - neither of us wanted either.
Does anyone have experience with dating while choosing to be Child free as a woman? Is it difficult to find a male partner who doesn't want kids? I'm in my late 30s so I'm rapidly aging out of being able to have them, I just don't know what the dating climate is like these days, would love to hear some perspectives on this.
It's been tough for me being alone, I enjoy being in a relationship, I'm just looking for some hope in whats been a fairly dark time in my life.
Thank you all.
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2022.01.21 14:19 daanikp What's the cheapest way to purchase more EG tokens?

Haven't purchased since March/April 2021 and I know there are some posts asking this already but haven't seen a more recent one yet about this. Can someone give some direction on this? I want to get some more to reduce my average cost
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2022.01.21 14:19 Ralfop Christmas Moose Printed Cane Birch 3D Rolling Pin Finally, an easy way to prepare the most beautiful and original Christmas cookies in just minutes! This unique, Christmas Rolling Pin would make a perfect Christmas gift for your wife, mother, friends (women or men) or anyone who loves to bake

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2022.01.21 14:19 UpAllNiteHawk AJLT: Series Writing Analogy

Think of this series as a refrigerator: the food inside is mostly leftovers from previous half decent meals that are now warmed up and served a second (or third) time. But some containers have items that stink so bad, they should be thrown out. Of course, there is fresh food in there which could create some wonderful, fresh new meals, but those are ignored. The fridge is getting bare and there’s no idea of what to make with what’s left. So it becomes a “ mish mash” - a smorgasbord, if you will. No rhyme or reason - just stuff that happens to be lying around. Some plot lines are offered much in the same way as days old pizza: “You want this? Or should I just throw it out?” This series is like that.
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2022.01.21 14:19 Hex10n [New Chapter] For Stella - Chapter 30

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2022.01.21 14:19 Apprehensive-Yard328 Pitt Law 25’ Discord

Hey Y’all! Here’s the link to the Pitt Law discord group for those who want to join: https://discord.gg/E6yyc8Pw
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2022.01.21 14:19 Upandawaysomeday What’s the deal, E*Trade?

So why does E*trade show Hemp trading at 0.0017 for the last 24 hours when it’s actually trading at 0.002? And, yes, I’ve only been trading a year.
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2022.01.21 14:19 CynicalNina [VIDEO] Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Ep 19 "Death of the Undying" REACTION

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