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I got one boost left If anybody is Interested, please no slimy ish.
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2022.01.21 14:51 CallMeMcLovin- Is it ok to use traxxas 30k lube on both the pieces and core?

I bought traxxas lube 30k, and I know it works great on pieces but to save money, I was wondering if it would be ok to use it on the core as well? Would it still be good? I read that once you break it in there is no difference between 30k and 50k but does this apply to the core?
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2022.01.21 14:51 OkRaisin9233 [intentional] Walk to the thousand years old Dragon tree in Tenerife with the sound of town and park

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2022.01.21 14:51 RnJpZW5k 1101000 1100101 1101100 1101100 1101111 100000 1100110 1110010 1101001 1100101 1101110 1100100

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2022.01.21 14:51 AsphaltApostle iPhone Keyboarding | January 21, 2022 at 11:51AM

Posted at: January 21, 2022 at 11:51AM
By: Jorts
App Debuts https://club.macstories.net/posts/app-debuts-304
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2022.01.21 14:51 ZealousPurgator (F, sort of. Long) Erda should have died fighting one of the Traitor Primarchs, not Erebus.

Inspired by u/wecanhaveallthree's post upon a similar topic.
Erda. Love or hate her basic concept, I feel we can all agree that GW did a rather poor job with bringing her to life, with a depiction that reeks of last-minute shoehorning and borderline Mary Sue-ish traits. Which is a shame, because I personally find her base concept to be incredibly interesting - possibly the closest thing the Emperor could ever have to a true peer, a woman who apparently stuck with him through the worst of the Age of Strife and the Unification Wars, even when the other Perpetuals either couldn't stand the man or actively fled for their immortal lives when they saw just what he was planning to do to humanity and the galaxy as a whole. And a woman who flung the closest thing she would ever have to children into the setting's closest thing to Hell so they could have a snowball's chance in said hell of getting away from him.
But in my opinion, the greatest injustice done to Erda's character is that we never get to see her actually interact with the children she flung out into the broader galaxy, no tearful reunions with those who attained glory like Dorn or Guilliman or sobbing breakdowns upon realizing that she threw Curze, Angron, and others into a fate worse than old Neoth would have ever done to them at his cruelest. As far as I know, there's not even a carefully preserved photo of the children she cast off a multi-millennia commitment for in her home.
And then GW further threw away her potential by having her die fighting Erebus, a character with whom she has little-to-no prior conflict and precisely zero thematic similarities or oppositions. Their confrontation doesn't feel epic to me - it just feels like two side characters getting smacked together to make a b-plot.
And that is why I feel that Erda should have gone down fighting one of the Traitor Primarchs instead, having charged off on a desperate mission to rescue at least one of her children from what she tossed them into. Think about it - it would be the ultimate test of her character and convictions, to see the proof that no, she didn't really save them from anything. That if anything, she threw her 'babies' into the mouths of lions and expected them to come out unscathed. It would even be in line with her prideful nature, to think that she could charge in and rescue/stop/cleanse at least one of the Traitors simply by virtue of being their mother. How would this go? Here is what I think.
Regarding possible targets, my brain imagines three or four likely Primarchs that she would go for, depending on which point in the Siege her little escapade takes place.
Horus: the obvious pick, the one who ironically hasn't been getting that much love in comparison to his other brothers, the mother against her farthest-fallen son. Goes after him in an attempt to outright decapitate the rebels and get them off Terra. Horus had to get his 'Spearhead' tendencies from somewhere, after all.
Lorgar: a less-obvious choice, but one that I feel would be interesting, as Erda could misinterpret Lorgar's sub-rebellion as him actually getting some sense into his head. Goes after him in a attempt to take advantage of this supposed time of crisis and perhaps finally have one of her babies with her and her only.
Curze: another oddball choice, but I feel that fact that Curze actually keeps the name the Emperor gave him upon their meeting(presumably the name Erda also agreed to give him) could be misinterpreted as the Night Haunter having some degree of sentimentality. Also one of the less 'Chaosy' Traitors, so maybe she could think that she could talk some sense into him. Goes after to try and do just that.
Perturabo: a bit late in the Siege, but sort of a hybrid of Lorgar and Curze from this hypothetical Erda's perspective - left the Siege due to easily-misinterpreted misunderstandings with the larger Traitor force, among the less Warp-infused of the betrayers, and(assuming I am properly remembering his origin story) he even kept the name he thinks the Emperor picked out for him in his gestation pod. Why not?
To start things off, Erda manages to teleport onto her chosen son's flagship through some of that fancy-shmancy earth-mother magic she displayed in her canonical duel with Erebus. As per rules of drama, she begins someplace mildly distant from the bridge and soon gets discovered by a passing patrol.
And then we see the kind of woman that would make the Emperor get down on his knees and beg for a chance to examine her gametes.
Erda reveals herself as Neoth's terrifying yonic counterpart, the moon to the Emperor's sun, every bit as viscerally lethal for all that she may not be as outright powerful. Ship passageways turn into fanged metal sphincters that crush anything caught in them, floors turn into quicksand-like pools that greedily suck in feet and other limbs, energy attacks flung at her are caught, absorbed, and then transformed into something that is hurled back at its progenitor - and every man who reaches melee range with her is instantly drained of his vitality, reduced to a shriveled husk while she only gets more powerful. All the powers of mystic femininity, unleashed upon its enemy.
And along the way, she sees signs of the corruption that has seeped into her sons, dark runes and unholy shrines seemingly shaped by Primarch-sized hands. Perhaps she starts to doubt her mission - or perhaps, in a display of the stubborn pride that seems to be the defining trait of everyone in this effed-up parody of a royal family, she dismisses these things, thinking all the while that if she can only talk to her son, she can make him see reason.
Things diverge when Erda hits the bridge. For Horus, Lorgar, and Perturabo, we get a dramatic entry, a few paragraphs of dialog("I am your mother."), and then the fight starts when the Traitors invariably respond with "no" and "who the ____ are you, lady?" Dramatic duel happens, the bridge of the respective flagship gets wrecked, and Erda somehow manages to get the upper hand. She tries to "purify" them and-
-Horus calls the dark gods right back into him, because exorcisms don't work on someone who wants their demons inside his soul.
-Lorgar calls her a blasphemer and gets right back into the fight - for there is no Daemon possessing him, but a true, unholy faith in thirsting deities.
-Perturabo shrugs it off and keeps charging at her - for there is no outside force corrupting him, but a deep, boundless spite at everything that he himself has cultivated.
For all three, Erda realizes she was wrong.
About everything.
She didn't 'save' her children from anything. The 'lucky' ones got a few decades at most before the Emperor picked them up and slapped them right back into the very thing she didn't want for them in the first place, and the unlucky ones got thrown into situations so very much worse than anything Neoth would have done to them.
Desperately trying to rally herself, Erda prepares to take on one last feminine archetype, and become the Devouring Mother in order to strike down her children-
-and finds that she cannot.
Maybe she sees something of herself in her wayward son, her eyes or nose or mouth. Maybe she briefly sees her child not as he currently is, but as he was when she last saw him - a peaceful, innocent fetus sleeping in his gestation pod while she sang a Neolithic lullaby, the rest of his brothers similarly resting while Neoth looked on them all with a semi-indulgent smile. Maybe it's just 40,000 years of poorly-suppressed frantic longing to be a mother slamming into her shame-filled psyche.
Regardless, for the slightest moment, a mother's love stays a mother's wrath. In a different setting, perhaps this moment would've been the one to see her son saved from his wickedness.
But there is no room for a mother's love in the grim darkness of the distant future. Only for war.
Horus rises and tears his mother to pieces, the power of the Octed flowing through his weapons to nullify even a Perpetual's regeneration. The victory gives him the confidence that would drive him to directly challenge his father.
Lorgar beats her down and cruelly sacrifices Erda to the Ruinous powers, the sin of matricide being the one that finally elevates him to a Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided.
And Perturabo in his spite viciously murders the last person in the galaxy that would have loved him unconditionally, hammering at her again and again with Forgebreaker until the shamed, broken-hearted Perpetual finally loses the will to live.
Curze, I feel, would have one of the most interesting encounters, though not the most physically active. Erda would tear her way into the bridge and see her son simply sitting there, waiting for her to kill him, convinced that she is the Imperial Assassin he has seen for so long in his visions. Erda denies this, saying that she loves him and has come to take him home instead. The two debate back and forth for a long while, Curze growing increasingly agitated that his mother isn't fulfilling the role he saw her playing in his visions until at last he attacks her, trying to force her to defend herself and kill him. Moved by her son's plight and coming to a similar realization as in the other Primarch battles, Erda allows Curze to kill her, viewing death as nothing compared to vindicating her love for her son.
Curze takes this poorly.
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2022.01.21 14:51 DrSlavefarm A question about "kahvimorso"

kahvimorso is a big meme here in Finland and I want to ask, from what show is that from and what the fuck is going on :D (also did it traumatize kids)
Here is a longer clip
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2022.01.21 14:51 Markdaboi2250 Can a handhelds stock antenna reach an aprs satelite?

So i was thinking that it is very useful to have these satelites and maybe they can substitute or replace satelite phones/ messengerā€™s but the question is would it work with the built in antenna on something like a handheld or would it need to be a yagi or some directional antenna?. It would be good to know in case of an emergency. Also how often do the satelites pass by?
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2022.01.21 14:51 STL_12 My girlfriend is the literal definition of this sub

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2022.01.21 14:51 Jel_ink Crush has resigned and now I am feeling hollow

There is a girl in office, I had huge crush on. We met about 2 months ago. She was very open to me, we used to have very engaging conversation, and many times she would tap my chair casually while walking. I hardly ever had girls as friends, let alone gfs and hence as per me things were going smooth between us till the last day when she dropped the bomb and resigned from there, let alone sharing that she has resigned, she didn't even put my name under friends list in the thank you note, her wording for me was, "not to forget {my name}, it was nice working with you". Her leaving and this thing has created double trouble for me, now I am feeling horrible, is it alright? Am I thinking too much, or was I literally nothing?
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2022.01.21 14:51 if0rg0t2remember [WTS] Vintage Duofold semiflex, Estie Oversized, TWSBI Ink bottles

https://imgur.com/a/EsxcWKU verification photos

Parker Duofold Permanite [C] semi-flex M nib
Late 1920s permanite red full sized version
nib is a small medium and shows some light flex for flair
body and cap show very shallow dings and wear signs
imprint is visible but shallow
sac was restored prior to purchase and fills reliably
++ $200 shipped CONUS

Esterbrook Estie Oversized [A2] 1.1 nib
used only once and then stored in its box
comes with all original box, papwerwork and converter
++ $150 shipped CONUS

TWSBI Diamond 50 Ink Bottle [A1] x2
never filled
silver and blue colors available
can be used with the aluminum neck to fill a TWSBI Diamond 580 or convert directly
or use traditionally to dip a nib and fill any pen
++ $20 each or $35 for both CONUS
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2022.01.21 14:51 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] TSA allowing migrants to show arrest papers as ID to fly Ā¦ Fox Business on Youtube

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Armor 30 1* 90 2* 240 3* Weapons 50 1* 150 2* 400 3* PA 100 1* 200 2* 450 3*
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